Khaled Sharrouf, Australian Isis terrorist, killed in Syria – reports

Islamic State terrorist Khaled Sharrouf and his two sons have been killed in Syria, media reports say.

The ABC and the Australian reported government officials as confirming Sharrouf – who fled Australia in 2013 to join extremist forces – and his sons Abdullah and Zarqawi were killed in a coalition air strike while driving near Raqqa on 11 August.

Photos of Sharrouf’s dead body and the bodies of his sons had been seen by members of Australia’s extremist community, the ABC reported.

  • The Butterfly

    Too bad, so sad.

  • He took the whole fam damily to Syria, his 15 year old daughter was married off to Jihadi scum, his wife died (from an appendix operation!?!?!?) and now he and his sons are dead. I would think that the coroner might call this a case of “natural (and justifiable) causes”.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Allah works in mysterious ways, and always claims his own.

  • favill

    I don’t believe it. How many times did the media crow about some bad guy jihadist leader being killed only for the guy to be seen (in pics) leading another attack or on youtube congratulating the martyrs for killing the infidels?

  • Tanya

    Good riddance to bad Islamic rubbish.
    Shame about the children.

  • k1962

    Let’s hope that this time, it’s finally true. That man is the worst of the worst and he raised mini psychopaths. What to do about them?