I am really liking this game!

  • mauser 98
    • Good!

      • Gary

        Wait until muslims want the MLK Bust removed from the White House along with any pro-american icons torn down .

      • Lloyd Snauwaert

        Alinsky’s Rules for Rednecks…

    • Gary

      We need to tear down that Jack Layton tribute of him on a bike. The fraudster gorged at the public trough for over 30 years and consipired with Olivia to hide how serious if illness was pre-election
      These 2 parasites wanted to crew the taxpayers and get more money when jack died in Office.
      Olivia did her 6 years as an MP and now has the MP’s pension and all of Jack’s Benefits to finish of her life batting 1000 where taxpayer will pay for her funeral as well .

      Chow had a nice scam going to pretend she cared about Children’s issues….yet here she is in a PRIDE photo with Jack while the TNT naked males expose them self at children on Yonge street in the same Parade.

      I contacted the Federal Justice Minister about these laws that were being broken as the Police stood by to enable child-abuse. The response I got was that I had to contact Dalton McGuinty to get his Attr General to ORDER Chief Blair to ORDER his Officers to enforce the child-abuse laws and arrest the perverts and quasi-pedophiles.
      Surprise surprise , the Liberal’s at the Gate got back to me and said that they took my complaint very seriously and would get back to me.
      No a word as the PRIDE parade got closer. Then came the Election after the PRIDE nudity where I saw how McLiar replaced the Attr Gen Bentley with John Gerretsen and they never did get back to me.

      Now the Attorney general is a devout muslims that will NEVER
      condemn child-abuse and pedophilia because he would then have to condemn his prophet that raped 9 year old Aisha when he was 54.

      All of the parasites and malcontent’s thought that Hillary would win and there would be more FREE stuff while the BLM terrorists could keep murdering cops.
      She lost and now they are rioting and close to the tipping point for a civil war where all of the people that voted for Trump will be fed-up and and show these thugs a few ‘ Kent State ‘ moments after the antifa thugs kill someone by beating them to death .

      I’m sick of these people and had my share of Diversity.

  • mobuyus

    The racist statue on parliament hill commemorating vile eugenicists could stand to be torn down too.

    • Lloyd Snauwaert

      The Famous Five..?..

      • mobuyus

        They’re not really “famous”.

    • Good idea.

  • Jay Currie

    Wasn’t St Thomas of Douglas something of a eugenics?

  • felis gracilis

    In the Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa. Well, I guess they opened the door for it when they buried Tommy Douglas there.

  • Uncommunist

    I am willing and able to attend a proper rally to remove that hideous vile creation of oppression and murder. To hell with communism – a mass murderer ideology in my opinion.