The demographic threat to the West

A combination of falling birthrates among the native-born and the influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from the Middle East threatens to swamp the indigenous European culture from which America sprang. Preserving the best of the culture will be the responsibility of the emerging generations, and the size of that responsibility is only now coming clear.

Because French law forbids census-takers asking religious questions, estimates of the number of Muslims in France varies, but Muslims may comprise as much as 10 percent of the population of 70 million. A third of those describe themselves in other surveys as “observing believers.” Germany as recently as 2015 was believed to count about 4.5 million Muslims, nearly 6 percent of the population of 83 million. That was before Chancellor Angela Merkel permitted a million Syrian and other refugees, nearly all Muslims, to enter in 2016.

h/t Marvin