Stop Lying, There Was Plenty of Leftist Violence in Charlottesville

“…Everyone knew this was coming. The police certainly did. Job #1 would have been to keep both sides separate. That might not have changed the outcome, but it remains a striking failure that isn’t being discussed much.”


“…But a report on police conduct during and after the rally by ProPublica, a left-leaning investigative journalism non-profit, as well as eyewitness accounts by those who participated in the rally itself, have called the simplicity of this characterization into question. Both suggest mismanagement of police resources by political leadership may have exacerbated, rather than controlled, the violence surrounding the rally and the counter-protests, which included mainstream liberals and local faith-based “anti-racism” groups as well as radical leftist “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) and “Anti-Fascist Action” (Antifa) outfits….”