Mark Steyn on the Deep State coup against Trump


The notion that the “intelligence community” is entitled to leak against the President has been so normalized that one-on-one phone conversations between heads of government can be published on the front pages of the public prints to the approval of half the country. I’m a foreigner, so I look at this from a foreigner’s point of view. I don’t know the Mexican guy but over the years I have had some small contact with the Aussie Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull. As some of you know, he once walked out of a speech of mine. On the other hand, we passed a not unpleasant day sitting side by side at some gabfest – lot of loose lips, including a somewhat lively exchange between him and me …but on Chatham House rules. So, when somebody or other sought permission to publish our back-and-forth, Mr Turnbull nixed it – because that wasn’t the basis on which our conversation was conducted. I can imagine how he feels seeing his Trump convo splashed across The Washington Post.

But I find it harder to see why he should take a call from the White House ever again. Because there’s no point in heads of government phoning each other unless they can talk candidly. More.

Reality check: Our American friend John Gilmore thinks the coup is failing. Maybe. The thing to remember is that progressives need unaccountable power like a drug. Other people get busy with real lives and forget, and next thing you know, the progressives have made another advance in their war on reality, at human nature’s expense.

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