‘Too little too late’ Former detective’s anger at ‘racist’ Muslim rape gang cases

THE former detective who helped expose the Rochdale child abuse scandal has accused the Government of doing “too little, too late” and of allowing Asian grooming gangs to “evolve” over the past 15 years.

Maggie Oliver said a sophisticated network of abusers from predominantly Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds had grown unchallenged because the authorities feared being labelled racist.

Her comments follow the conviction last week of an 18-strong gang in Newcastle upon Tyne who sexually abused girls as young as 13.

  • BillyHW

    Our biggest mistake was putting women and faggots in charge of anything.

    • deplorabledave

      From another poster at another site:

      A few reminders.

      Women make up the vast majority of the Demoncrat Party. Without girls, the Hee Haw Bunch wouldn’t hold a single elected office anywhere in America. Not even as dog catchers. The Donkeys are truly a party hiding behind girls’ skirts.

      And too, most women in the Western world–not just America–are leftwing loons. Whether they vote or not. They’re just mindless Leftists. Leftism is an ideology of raw, unfiltered emotion, of I-wannas and it-oughtta-bes. You don’t see any John Waynes among Leftists. It’s all girls, metrosexuals, pajama boys–effeminate whiny beta-males.

      The American founders were not silent on why they didn’t allow, or want, women to vote. In a nutshell, it boiled down to: “Men cherish Liberty, while women cherish Security.”

      Security, via government, always equals tyranny. A government that can give you stuff first has to take even more stuff away from others. And anything government gives, it can and will also take away at a whim. Mostly based on buying votes. “Vote for me, and everything’s for free!” Except YOU, of course. You’re NOT free, because government must keep you enslaved in order to give everyone free stuff. For your own good, of course. And if women are involved,

      “DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!!!” (the ones they don’t kill inside their own bodies, anyway).

      So. Yeah. Google’s fantasy world is nothing but a Hell on Earth. Men and women are NOT the same–never have been, never will be–and who aside from homosexuals would WANT men and women to be the same, anyway?

      If men and women are the same, then we’re ALL homosexuals. We’re all involved in same-sex relationships.

      How the moronic SJW chickadees at Google and Amazon and inside the feral government miss such obvious stuff is beyond me.

      Oh, wait. I forgot.

      They don’t THINK.

      They only FEEL.

      • BillyHW

        A+. Move to the head of the deplorabledave!

      • bob e

        well put ..

  • ericdondero

    yeah, well if she was sincere, she’d stop using that ridiculous term “Asian” to describe Muslim men. Asian = Chinese, Japs, Viets, Thai, Koreans NOT Middle Eastern men. Please British people we Americans BEG YOU to stop using that utterly insane and offensive term “Asians” to describe Muslim criminals.

  • Gary

    A bit off topic but when a muslim drives a truck into a crowd it’s reported as a mental illness where it take 3 days before we hear the driver was Muhammad muhammad ismael Achmed Muhammad.
    But the STAR and CBC lead with chaos at white supremacy rally as car rams in to protesters and they show his face to see the colour and give his name.

    Time to fight back and start blaming backlash attacks to mosques as mental illness or provoked by infidelophobia by islamic supremacy nationalist hate-groups .

    • bob e

      gotta’ be space for another ‘mohammed’ in that name

  • Tim Scott

    Ever since news of the Rotherham scandal hit the Media — apparently it was an open secret in Rotherham itself — I’ve been wondering something. Why didn’t the men of Rotherham (the white ones), once they realized that the police were refusing to act, simply snatch up the members of the rape gang and execute a little frontier justice?

    • Exile1981

      1 tried and he got a much longer jail time the the guy he punched got for raping his daughter.

      • Tim Scott

        I suppose “punching” is better than nothing, but what I had in mind was beating them all within an inch of their lives, and that’s not even a little bit of hyperbole. Some things are worth going to jail for. If I were going to risk prison, though, it wouldn’t be over a punch in the snoot. What I had in mind was the old saying about how if every Jew had met the men who came to take them away with a pistol there would have been a lot fewer volunteers for the Brown Shirts. Every avalanche starts with one pebble.

        • Exile1981

          The cops arrested him for assault before he could throw the second punch.

          • Tim Scott

            What, the cop was standing right there? That’s just bad planning. Better to find out where the guy lives so you can take him somewhere and do your work undisturbed. But from what you’ve said I have to guess that this happened after the arrest or the trial and he couldn’t restrain himself when he saw the guy was going to walk. That’s understandable. Doesn’t excuse the rest of the Rotherham men, though.

          • Exile1981
          • Tim Scott

            Sweet Jesus! That’s even worse! Enoch really was right. I have to imagine that, deep under the surface… There should be an incredibly deep anger among all British men — white or not — that this can happen in their country. These are the descendants of Churchill and The Few. Some people are still alive from that era. Where is the response suggested by Kipling’s “Norman and Saxon”…? Or “But, oh, beware my country when my country goes polite”…? Why haven’t a bunch of guys gotten together at the local pub, agreed to alibi each other and then send a group of hard boys out to do what must be done?

    • bob e

      the same way it’s hard to get a 1000 lads to show up for an EDL demo.
      “Enemy of the State” ..

      • Tim Scott

        Sorry, man, I didn’t get the reference. “EDL”…? And is the “Enemy of the State” a reference to the movie (which I saw) or the song (which I never heard)?

  • Blind Druid

    Why would this not be happening in Canada also?

    • Exile1981

      Because in Canada reporting it will get you arrested for islamaphobia.

    • bob e

      guess what ??

  • bob e

    Britain will never live down this shame ..

  • Tanya

    If it can stop these pathetic individuals raping and murdering our girls then call it out for what it is and be buggered if you are called a racist. We need ethnic profiling to address this problem. They know who is doing it and they know why they are doing it, so they should pull their collective heads out of each other arse and go after the ISLAMIC gangs that are doing it. They are going around it the right way to encourage vigilantly groups to take matters into their own hands. To say the British police forces are modern day Islamic appeasers is an understatement. Get your act together before its too late.