The worlds stupidest antifa lady

h/t Marvin

  • deplorabledave

    Anyone who joins that bunch is just as vacuous as she is and worthy of zero respect.

    • bob e

      great cartoon ./.

  • TJ

    Old and busted: Change peoples minds by educating them to your side.
    New Hotness: Educate yourself and if you are not you are evil and should be apposed.

  • bob e

    only made it thru 1/2 of that ..

  • Hamilton is a shit hole of fascist Left crazies. A rather recent phenomenon. But it’s becoming obvious because when you talk politics with anyone in Hamilton these days the first thing conservative Hamiltonians do is look over their shoulders to see if anyone else might be listening.

    In all the places I travelled and lived in my lifetime, the only other places I’ve witnessed the “look over your shoulder” behaviour has been in Communist countries — it’s the kind of behaviour that citizens exhibit when they are living in Police States.

    • simus1

      Their TV station is an equally pathetic effort. People should receive pay just to watch it.

      • It actually used to be not bad — a good alternative to CBC etc. in terms of covering broader topics and the exercise of free speech. Absolute submission to neo-Marxism is a recent phenomenon.

        Same thing happened with Radio — also happening in S. Ontario in general. Meanwhile, Ontarians are asleep. And when they finally awaken from their deep slumber it will be too late — their freedoms will be gone forever, already written into Legislation by the weasel Politicians they elected.

      • DMB

        The CHCH studio has been bought out by a condo developer late last year which plans to turn that location into a high rise condo called television city. The future of that t.v. station is still uncertain. They may either relocate to another location within Hamilton or they may just end up moving to Toronto and open a bureau in Hamilton and pretend to call it a Hamilton based t.v. station as a cost savings measure or close altogether. Either way they are taking a very long time to announce their future plans.

        • I think even the Frank D’Angelo show operates out of T.O. now.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I’m a Hamilton guy, and I don’t give a shit how lefties think. I’m now getting to old to get in a dust up, but I say what I think and won’t run away.

      • The only place in the world I ever received a credible death threat. Cops didn’t care — sometimes you have no choice but to run.

    • DMB

      After Toronto Hamilton has the second largest social service costs. There are a lot of welfare bums particularly in the downtown. Government dependence especially on welfare can have that affect on people. There may be some signs of economic rejuvenation in Hamilton such as around James Street and the waterfront but that will change once the billion dollar boondoggle of light rail transit begins which will turn much of the core into an ongoing construction zone for up to 6 years. The mayor and pretty much all the politicians are leftists also it is $800 million in debt. Hamilton is basically a mini Toronto.

      • It was better when the mob controlled james north. They kept the gangs and crack heads out and you could safely walk the street at night. Plus it was always neat and clean — good tourist attraction. Now it’s all a bunch of Left-wing wankers selling baubles and Ché tea-shirts. To be fair, there’s still a few good places but you have to look for it.

        • DMB

          Just wait until supercrawl which is next month!

  • BillyHW

    Nice women don’t want the vote.

  • Lightstream

    I have never heard such tripe in my life! She hasn’t got a brain in her head.

  • simus1

    Mouthy, stupid, ugly.

    Couldn’t pass marxism 101 if her life depended on it.
    Yes, in only 10 years she will be the highly paid feminist front at some worthless NGO getting 99.9 of its funds from government.

  • Clink9

    I made it to the 1:07 mark.

    Does that earn me a free BCF Premium month?

    • No. But I’ll buy you a beer if you go over there and “bitch slap” her for me. 😉

  • GrimmCreeper

    Some faces beckon a punching.