The Left Gets the Body they and the Media have sought for a Year

Pseudolus: We’ll need a body. Anybody’s body.
Hysterium: Can you get one from Gusto the Body Snatcher?
Pseudolus: He owes me a favor! But he died yesterday.
Hysterium: Uh — what about HIS body?
Pseudolus: Somebody snatched it.

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum 1966

  • Hard Little Machine

    I saw the video on TMZ and a half dozen people swarmed the car when it stopped in including 2 or 3 who got on the trunk of the car and were knocked off when the driver backed up. In NC we call that contributory negligence. Not to excuse it mind you but don’t jump on a moving car, swing your bat at the rear window, get thrown off and then sue the driver. Because you won’t win.

    • Tom Forsythe

      They were taking reasonable steps to stop and apprehend a violent felon. Anything he does that harms them is on him.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Jumping on the back of a moving car is not reasonable. There must have been enough non-crazy open carries there to shoot him.

        • Tom Forsythe

          Bravery is not negligence.

          • Hard Little Machine

            Funny how when Jews are butchered no one talks about such ‘bravery’.

          • Tom Forsythe

            I just watched it again, and changed my mind. They went in swinging, ready to kill him. Had he not backed away, they would have beaten him to death.

          • Tom Forsythe

            I thought about it some more, and the very fact that they were armed with baseball bats, and immediately lept into the fray, means they were not their to express their ideas. They were there for a fight.

  • DaninVan

    Minor point; they’ll blame the two ‘chopper deaths on Trump as well, making three bodies.
    If the KKK hadn’t been there the chopper wouldn’t have either…or something. /sarc. off

  • First, let’s be clear. Yesterday’s events in Charlottesville began because a group of Nazis got a permit to march.

    As far as those of us here at IBA are concerned, Nazis are not Conservatives. Nazis want the government to control who can and can not be married, who can and can not be a citizen (based upon race), and who is and is not deserving of Equal Rights.

    None of these ideas are Conservative. They are Leftist ideas. They are about top-down government control. That’s Leftism. Not Conservatism.

    • Bla Bla

      Damn right, but according to antifa, that old grandfather veteran from WWII is a nazi too for opposing their ideas so wonderful, they must be mandatory. Hell, anyone opposing creeping sharia law, or the removal of our rights and freedoms is, you guessed it, a nazi too. Additionally, whats really funny about antifa is, that they think of themselves akin the the rebel alliance… Good guys they are not, especially to those of us who know our history and the horrors that both the antifa and nazi types brought upon millions and countless millions of innocent victims. To hell with them both.

      • That article brings up a number of salient points, most notably that the Nazis had a permit to assemble but the police made them leave, not the counter-protesters who had no permit, and that on Friday night the police were told to not intervene. This was coordinated violence, used to attack the Right and Trump, and a young woman was sacrificed for the left’s agenda.

    • krystal10

      Sorry, but I don’t agree with you.

      Those events happened because Antifa and BLM showed up to stir trouble, as they always do, and they had no permit to do so. Without a permit, they should have stayed home instead of stoking the fires of their followers.

      Also, not all right-wing people that were there are Nazis or Supremacists.

      WHITES are being spit on, crushed, insulted, oppressed, shut down and shamed for the color of their skin. This has been happening for years although Whites are a minority race on the planet.

      • Well, I agree with you. 😉

      • That’s from the linked article, not me. Hence the quotes. 😉

        • krystal10

          Sorry. I just read the link.