The Future of Christianity

The big lie being peddled in the media and by the liberal elites is that all religions are the same, and therefore Christianity is no different from Islam or any other religion. Christians aren’t allowed to call out this great lie without being branded bigots or accused of promoting hate speech

As an intentional result of political correctness, third-wave feminism and intersectional theory, collectively known as Cultural Marxism, the West is being habituated to an unstable social experiment. While some of us see the experiment as a slippery slope, signalling the end of the West, others say the idea of a slippery slope is fallacious. They see no causal connection between accepting X and the inevitability of Y, since they won’t admit a correlation between X and Y. According to this logic, for example, the widespread adoption of contraception, which allowed women reproductive autonomy, didn’t inevitably lead to the normalisation of, or create marketing opportunities for, pornography and everything once regarded as sexual perversion.

h/t Marvin