Muslim activist claims the Koran supports gay marriage even though homosexuality carries the death penalty in 10 Islamic nations

Muslims in favour of gay marriage say the Koran supports same-sex unions.

Islamic activist and university student Fahad Ali has this week founded Muslims for Marriage Equality as the Turnbull Government embarks on a postal vote on the issue.

He argues the Koran supports his position, even though homosexual acts are punishable by death in 10 Muslim-majority nations with Sharia law, including Iran and Saudi Arabia.

  • Clink9

    That sounds like sucking and blowing at the same time.

  • Brett_McS

    I don’t know about this guy, but Muslims supporting changes to marriage can actually have the idea that polygamy and child-marriage could be the next cabs of the rank.

  • Alain

    Well good luck with that. Islam does not roll over like Christianity has. I am referring here to the “new age Christian churches” not the traditional ones. The same goes for the liberal branches of pretend Judaism.

  • Perhaps if he could point to this fictional part of the Koran, that would be helpful.

  • Gary

    All of Justin’s Muslim MP’s support abortion because you are NOT a human until you leave the womb.
    I bet these same muslim MP’s go to the Mosque on Friday and tell the muslims that they are really pro-life but it’s for allahs cause that I lied so we can slowly get sharia law and canada to be ready for the Grand Jihad and make it an islamic state.
    Don’t forget….I told you that Imam Steve Rockwell detailed that the quran orders muslims in non-islamic lands to demand to live by sharia and when they are the majority they must do Jihad to claim Canada for the Global caliphate.
    Rockwell said back in early 2015 that he supported Hamas, Boko Haram , Hezballah and ISIS because they were fighting for the caliphate and sharia which he wanted in Canada as well.
    The Khadr’s Imam was on the CBC to say he wanted sharia in canada and he also spoke to Michael Coren one night and was honest to say he wanted to see women hanging from street lights as an example for when the violated sharia in canada.
    No one word for Susan G Cole or Naomi Klein that are quick to protest white male christians or jewish men .

    Here’s a Still from a video which I archived because YouTube and the CBC seem to purge news videos when they don’t fit the new narrative.
    For about 5 years the PRIDE parade embraced hamas murdering gays while some people in PRIDE marched with flags from the 11 islamic nations the kill gays .
    The Queer’s for Palestine was one of the two pro-hamas groups in the march.
    Facebook froze my page because of a photo from the PRIDE parade which I got from a Google search . They pulled it after a complaint by a gay person but the reason was that it was obscene and violated Community standards that protect child and deter pornography.
    That was my point for my Comment where David Miller, the TDSB and the TPSB promoted the parade as a family event . I didn’t know that mayor Miller lets gay friends visit his house and walks around with just shoes on in front of his Daughters .

  • tom_billesley

    Islam is all for gay marriage, so long as it’s posthumous.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This guy must be like Superman, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.