Former Berkeley Chancellor Worries That Icky People Academics Don’t Like Are Taking Over

College campuses in the United States have been hotbeds of controversy for all of the wrong reasons in recent years. The progressives who long ago took over academia have been systematically trying to destroy due process and free speech in pursuit of a far-left agenda.

This week, The Washington Post featured an opinion piece from a former Berkeley chancellor that addressed the issue and the result was a convoluted attack on all of the icky people that academics don’t like.

  • tom_billesley

    O/T Breaking: ISIS knifeman enters Istanbul police station and kills a cop.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Colleges get far more attention and handwringing than they or we need. Berkeley or any of them have contributed greatly in the past but so have other universities that no longer rank at the top. Even without the chaos on American campuses China, Israel, Japan and Germany all have universities doing state of the state of the art work in many fields. If US universities see their best bet in becoming infantile re education camps that’s their choice to make and ours to be aware of.