Europe: Burkini War Continues

A woman who wore a burkini to swim in a pool in southern France has been charged €490 ($580) to pay for cleaning costs at the facility. The incident, which sparked accusations of Islamophobia, is the latest salvo in an ongoing debate over Islamic dress codes in France and other secular European states.

  • DMB

    I have seen Muslim women wearing the Burkini right here in Ontario (not in the GTA). This has arrived.

    • Gary

      The City of Toronto has some really odd rules. Out at a beach with a public pool i had seen a full black clad person be allowed to walk right on the pool deck with a little girl even though is was never allowed as far back as my time at pool around 1968.

      Here’s what is odd. There are people that look for anyone with a camera even outside the pool property that appears to take photos of children.
      The change rooms have a sign to warn people that no photo able items can go in the room. This seems be how the City pretends it opposes perverts and pedophiles because I’ve seen men bring little girls in the men;s change room while naked men walk around and teen boys are naked. Women can take boys in the their change room that will see naked adult women and teens girls.

      So there goes that policy to ban a camera when naked men can walk right by a 9 year old girl or a boy can see naked adult women.

      But why did a person in black that was not able to be ID’d for sex not only get to enter the pool are to watch the child swim….but they used the women’s change room when they could have been a male pedophile or pervert that used the girl to access a women room to see either naked adult or naked little girls.

      We saw how Karla Homolka pretty well invalidated the PC mind set that women can’t be homosexual pedophiles .
      What pervert would risk using a camera to photo little girls and have the Police show up why they can see naked children live by wearing a burka and borrowing their sister child to get into the women’s change room.

      During the PRIDE parade right on Yonge st we have naked males exposing them self around children as the cop do squat about it as if this is gay culture where child-abuse is just fine .
      So sad for Ben Levin….. he should have gone to a public pool in a burka for the women’s area or borrowed a girl to take into the men’s area to see naked boys.

  • Gary

    Are there ANY happy muslims on Earth or do all of them want us DEAD.

    • bob e

      NO and YES ..

  • Hard Little Machine

    Isn’t this a silly fight to pick?

  • TruthSerum

    Burkini = just another symbol of Muslim male domination and female submission.

    OT – I recently read the large increase in Alberta’s population is due to immigrants. Anyone find the following a surprise?


    Alberta pertussis outbreak continues, more than 500 cases reported.

    In a follow-up on the pertussis, or whooping cough outbreak in Alberta, Canada, Alberta Health Services (AHS) puts the case tally at 501 year-to-date. This is nearly triple the number of cases reported less than two months ago.

    “We had hoped to see the spread of this outbreak slow during the summer months, but that hasn’t happened, said Dr. Karin Goodison, Alberta Health Services’ medical officer of health.

    “We’re seeing more and more cases with each passing week.”

    The concern now is how bad it will get as school prepares to get back in session.

    • Exile1981

      So this is something else we can thank little potatoe for.

  • Dana Garcia

    Wouldn’t deporting the problem be cheaper and more effective?

    All these attacks on normal civilization are designed to wear us down and make us submit. It’s better to take decisive action.

  • bob e

    Another muzzie power play. like praying in the street ..

  • Barrington Minge

    Why was she even allowed in the pool in the first place?