Dedicated team to decide asylum claims from Quebec border crossers

Twenty officials from the Immigration and Refugee Board have been assigned to focus exclusively on deciding asylum claims lodged by people crossing illegally into Quebec.

  • Exile1981

    Is one of those officials the lady who got caught taking bribes to decide in the favor of refugees or the lady who’s son went on the parliament killing spree?

  • Why only 20 officials? Why not get two million, six-hundred and twenty-five thousand, eight hundred and sixty-four officials to decide (2,625,864)? I’m sure they’ll all arrive at a consensus!

    Or better still, let the “Global Community” decide! 6.5 Billion people — even a better consensus! (Dang, I truly didn’t realize that I’m a genius until today — Gawd bless George Soros).

  • Shebel

    Hopefully you will keep them in Quebec..—–
    Joke—- They are all going to Toronto.

  • Gary

    I guess that Justin doesn’t find it to be child-abuse to rip them away from their homeland to illegal entry a Nation to expect asylum while the child is NOT in school or has access to a Doctor. Then when the guardian fears being arrested and deported they pack up one more time to commit anther crime with child in tow as they cross into Canada with 2 examples for the child to see that Breaking the Law is okay if the cause is good .

    Hmmmmm, the CAS and Police tried to charge a man with child-abuse when his 4 year old daughter made a crude drawing of a magical gun that daddy uses to kill the monsters in their room.
    The same CAS and Police allow muslims to drag children to pro-hamas rallies and to spew hatred to kill jews as they also hold up posters that have blood soaked corpses . Then that same child is taken to a pro-sharia mosque to hear how they should kill gays and do jihad to take over Canada one day for the Caliphate .

    Yes folks…. muslims and brown people are to have pity on and tolerate the crimes and barbarism because Liberals lowered the Moral bar in the 1970’s to prove they weren’t racists because ALL cultures are equal.
    This is why I predicted that Justin will legalize some pedophilia to appease the muslims and gay community to benefit Imams and Ben Levin .

  • Shebel

    INCLUCIVITY only apply ‘s to White People in Canada

    Every body else gets to Celebrate their DIVERSITY.
    White People can NOT celebrate their DIVERSITY.
    White People have NO Culture.

    • Bla Bla

      Apparently we are just post-primordial goo that continues to infest this planet in the eyes of the freedom fighting neo-marxist. Man, you just have to question why people from the *ahem* ‘more progressive’ areas of the planet abandon their utopias to come to this country full of racist post-primordial goo beings. Maybe taliban-trudeau and his band of criminal jackasses is wrong?

      On another note, looks like the shitstorm over the illegal payment to khadr is over… The media has successfully swept that under the rug for their glorious leader.

  • Shebel

    So come ahead and KILL us—

    Our PM understands your frustration.

  • Liberal Progressive

    My most important question for them is whether they will vote Liberal in the next election!

  • DJ

    There isn’t a problem in Canada that new government jobs won’t fix. Except all of them. Behold: social infrastructure !