Arrest at Britain First march in Wolverhampton amid ‘acid attack’

One man was arrested amid reports of a suspected acid attack during a “Day of Action” by Britain First in Wolverhampton on Saturday (12 August). Around 40 members of the far-right group clashed with United Against Fascism protesters outside the Wulfrun Centre in the heart of Wolverhampton’s City Centre.

  • Gary

    I’ve often wonder why we even have police in Toronto since all they do is protected the islamofascists and Communists at protests .
    Getting $90,000.00 a year to work at Parades and street festivals is now a luxury since we are becoming a Sanctuary Nation for the 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We’ll see more of this in the US. Frankly, I’m shocked we didn’t see it yesterday. Why run people over with a car and get caught when you can kill or disfigure them without a car and get caught anyway.

    • Bla Bla

      Those caught with acid in an assault should automatically have their charges upgraded to the equivalent of using a firearm in commission of a crime. On another note, antifa needs to be outlawed, declared a terrorist organization, and it’s leaders arrested. But then again, our esteemed freedom fighters on the neo-marxist front would be without their storm troopers to enforce more mandatory ‘freedom’.

  • roccolore

    UAF = Ululators Advocating Fascism.