Anna Baltzer is back with a program to make Blacks hate Jews

Anna Piller was a pretty young woman who had a non-religious Jewish mother and gentile father and who, by her own admission, was not raised Jewish nor did she know anything about the Jewish religion. Anna dreamed of getting a job after college that would allow her to travel with a good income and a chance to be in the limelight.

Ida Piller, Anna’s grandmother, narrowly escaped the Nazis in World War II and was a big supporter of Israel who even had her art displayed permanently in Israel. Anna found that sinecure of her dreams working for Hamas and Palestinian terrorists as a “proud Jewish woman” who supports Hamas against the Jews of Israel.

Her family hid this from grandmother Ida by having Anna change her last name to Baltzer and she went on to tour colleges, law schools, churches, even synagogues accusing Israel of atrocities that did not occur and excusing Arab terrorist attacks as “resistance.”

  • DMB

    Speaking of hating Jews in Alberta there is a Candidate for the United Conservative Party of Alberta by the name of Doug Schweitzer who really hates Ezra Levant’s the Rebel media particularly Faith Goldy for her coverage of the Charlottesville march protesting the removal of the Confederate soldier statue. Now I certainly will not defend the neo nazis rally but by no means was either Faith Goldy or Ezra Levant. What Doug Schweitzer did was he tweeted that the Rebel is defending Nazis. That is right the Rebel who lead by Ezra Levant and also who would approve or disapproves what appears on the Rebel (in this case he supports Faith Goldy’s coverage) are according to Doug Schweitzer “Nazis”. To call someone who is a Jew a Nazi is probably the greatest insult to Jews I could think of and I am not Jewish.

    What Schweitzer is trying to do here is two things first he is trying to play the race card by claiming that Antifa and essentially Black Lives Matter are victims of the “evil and racist” white people who are protesting by specifically condemning the neo nazis while supporting the cop killing Black Lives Matter and violent anarchists Antifa. This is why I hate identity politics so much it pins one group against another. It is like Justin Trudeau virtual signally how tolerant he is by going to radical hate preaching Islamic terrorist mosques which call’s for violence and death to unbelievers especially Jews. Justin is claiming to be against racism by supporting anti-Semites.

    The second thing Schweitzer is trying to do is to appeal to the main stream media or what Donald Trump more accurately refers to as Fake News particularly the CBC by attacking the Rebel media thinking by showing how “progressive” he is that the Liberal media will support him. This only proves he is just another Conservative in name only. Doug Schweitzer disgusts me!

    • Exile1981

      he wants to be party leader and is running for it. So he isn’t just someone who is running for a seat he wants to be in charge.

      • DMB

        Which makes him more dangerous.

    • Bla Bla

      Wow, he might be lucky to pull off a handful of votes… Someone tell him the door to the NDP party is on the left.

      People are or should be on to this BS anyways. Look at Ontario with Patrick ‘the stain’ Brown. Don’t think he is going to do too good in this upcoming election cycle even with all of the misdeeds the wynne gov is doing, especially after he told all of us conservatives to take a leap.

  • Imagine my shock…Another Left wing fake JINO making people hate the Jews even more

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hillel at UNC Chapel Hill (NC) is run by Jews who wave Palestinian flags and sing songs of genocide. None of them are worth dogshit.

  • Malcolm Y

    The number people in the Jewish ethnic group that want to suck black dick is unsurpassed by any other group. The blacks could probably kill half the Jewish population and they’d still love them.