Time to toughen up

Conservatives will never turn back the leftist tide swamping our society unless they adopt the techniques the Left uses to push its agenda down our throats. Conservatives, being decent and reasonable, often assume that the Left will be reasonable too, if only everyone can sit down and talk things over. Dream on. If conservatives want to avoid living in a leftist dystopia they must stop pussy-footing around and get tough.

That’s not going to happen of course, not yet anyway. Conservatives are too insulated by the belief that democracy will ensure that everything comes right in the end to appreciate the full extent of the damage caused by leftist legislation at all levels of our over-governed nation, from the daily narrowing of our freedoms to the raid on our pockets by ‘clean energy’ fanatics. If power bills went up by 40 per cent in some countries there’d be riots. Here we just pay up.

  • Everyone Else

    Australia seems cursed with a leftist state broadcaster like Canada.

  • Maurice Miner

    Yes, indeed – sell it all off, destroy their citadels, and salt the earth to make sure.

  • WalterBannon

    What conservatives? There are none in politics in canada.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You are correct. The Canadian education system has ensured that. Oddly, Canadian high school grads a half century ago were notably more literate than their American counterparts. No longer. It is quite weird to visit the USA and discover that little community newspapers are written to a higher standard than the Globe and Mail.

      Canada. Sad.