Operation Sanctuary: We need to do more than ‘call a spade a spade’.

“…This isn’t rocket science. It is clear that aspects of Islamic culture encourage an appalling attitude towards Western women. There was evidence of deep-rooted misogyny among the men convicted. One had said that white women were only good for sex and should be ‘treated like trash’. Such attitudes were also an evident motivating factor in the crimes in Rotherham. Sexual offenders commit their crimes for a multitude of reasons, but where a particular cultural influence plays a role it is important that it is recognised. One contributor to a Newsnight discussion on Operation Sanctuary last night made the point well: a cultural outlook within Islam, in which women obtain honour through duty to their home life, casts white working-class girls, who like to go out in short skirts and drink on a Saturday night, as inferior. It isn’t difficult to see how aspects of Islamic culture may have informed these crimes.”