No guarantees of asylum for refugees, Premier Couillard says

As the flow of people seeking asylum at the border continues, Premier Philippe Couillard has felt it necessary to clarify there is no guarantee people trying to get into Canada will be accepted.

  • Alain

    Is it just possible that Couillard had a small vision of reality? Probably not, more like too many non French-speaking “migrants” flooding la belle province.

    • Shebel

      The only honest French Politician that I ever saw was —
      Rene Levesque.

    • Frances

      If they’re Haitian, they’re francophone. Just not “pur laine”.

  • Coupal

    Well, it appears he contradicts himself. I wonder which statement is true.

  • Shebel

    Most French people that I know would take a uni lingual honky
    – over a fucking monkey assed Haition.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Are they from the planet Haitio? When did they land?

  • Gary

    I tried to warn people that in 2015 I caught John McCallum that slipped up to leak to the Media ( must have been drunk) that the 25,000 Syrian “refugees” were the first phase of the ongoing plan for each year of their first term in Office.
    Nobody caught that that Liberals wanted to bring in 100,000 refugees over 4 years.
    They saw the outrage over 24,000 of them that had a 90% rate for No language skills to get employment in Canada. McCallum told us that they were Doctors, Dentists, Engineers and other Phd’s professional that would pay back 10 fold what they cost as a refugee.
    This is what we were told about Muslms Taxi drivers that became victims of racism to next get jobs in canada in their filed. But when UBER came along in Toronto in 2015 we then heard that the muslim taxi drivers would lose their jobs and they have no skills to find a new job to support their families.

    The Liberals and NDP can’t get their lies straight .

    Justin wants to bring in 75,000 refugees via the illegals pouring in because it’s a ruse to allow a costly crisis to then look like a hero and claim we can save money on a blanket Amnesty pre-2019 Election.
    It’s called crisis management where a bumbling idiot has no skills to solve a problem so they let it reach a Crisis level where even the dumbest useless answer gets embraced to to end the insanity.
    That’s how the TTC refugee groups approach a path to reach their goals.
    Maybe Justin can sell his $1 million Benz from Daddy and pay the Hotel bills and free Full Dental which include implants and $4K each
    when Welfare and ODSP only cover filling and extractions for Citizens .

    • Shebel

      I sure do hope that you are Wrong.
      I suspect that you are correct.

      It is so frustrating.

      It is almost like Canadians are the Pawns .

      • Gary

        McCallum is in a video where he said that this was the first wave of refugees ( around December ) among the 25,000 in total expected by February 2016 and then the same for each following year in their first term .
        The media didn’t catch the scam at City Hall when Mayor David Miller was pressured over the Budget increase. He said that without the 2%
        increased the $50 million grants program wouldn’t even cover the volunteers cost of living for inflation.

        Did you catch that slip. Volunteers need a raise to cover inflation ?????
        I dug deep into this and Miller used the 1930’s Fair-Wage Act from the depression era for non-full time people getting work wit the City.
        The definition of a Volunteer was a worker doing a job that were not Specifically Educated and trained for but would learn the job functions and do it .

        Those ” volunteers” got $25.00 an hours as a Fair-wage because the same CUPE level job was over $30.000 to start.
        Now I know why those kids at the grocery store are smiling as the “volunteer” at Social Services for refugees and new comers to help a person learn to Shop and how to pay for the products .

        Nice scam to get some of the Salaries and benefits off the Books for Operational expenses and hide them inside the $50 million grants program where ” volunteers ” get $25.00 an hour as a Job but they must not pick a job not related to their Education for Social issues at College .
        Wow , $52,000.00 a year to show refugees how to shop or use a debit card.

        What a sucker I was in the 1960’s to raise money for charities in the Scouts and walk around for almost 6 hours ever fall to knock on doors with a United way metal can to ask for pennies and any coins to help the poor.
        Silly me , I thought that a Volunteer meant sacrifice for Community to be selfless and do for FREE to show you actually cared about a cause.

        The Refugee Industrial Complex and Homeless industry is making hundreds of middle class youths rich which means their Mother
        belongs to CUPE and scammed the Nepotism rules in the Government where their Child did get a job for being related which paid $30.00 an hour but is just a “Volunteer” to work with the poor and still lives at home.

        That NDP Survivor benefits crusade to help Seniors that are forced to eat cat food when a spouse dies and their CPP is cut off for just 1 CPP check .
        The NDP kept it a secret that all the CUPE/OPSEU and MP’s that retire can leave their Pension to their Children as long as the child doesn’t marry and is still living in the Parents dwelling as a dependent.
        Yes folks….. a parasite like Olivia Chow with 2 MP pensions from just 6 years of service could re-marry a person with a 45 year old son and move in with them so when they die the Son gets Chows MP pension 4-life as long as the Son doesn’t marry .
        The CUPE members and NDP are now talking about the cost of living when children are still living at home into their 30’s. Why not….. the NDP will get them $15.0 0 an hour jobs for Minimum wages or the CUPE parent will get them $25.00 an hour as a ” Volunteer” for the homeless crisis as they stay at home with NO rent .
        No big shock the children with Public sector union employed parents won’t move out an get married and lose that Gov funded Pension in their 50’s once mom dies and leaves them the $1.6 million house as well to renovate and make 3 rental unit at $1200 a month to never work again and have a full dental plan that taxpayer can only dream of.

        When the NDP and CUPE talk about Human Rights and the poor to push their new FREE stuff… the fine print because it’s NOT about the poor at all…… they use them to get through more benefits like free day care and another paid day off or better Pensions.
        Wynne solved the cat food issue for seniors by her euthanasia plans for old people to hurry up and and die you selfish bastards burdening the health care when there are Muslims refugees and 300,000 illegals in Toronto needing medical care.

        • Shebel

          I sure as Hell–
          Can’t argue with you.

          Give ’em all a dose of the Truth.
          They really Hate that.

        • Shebel

          I keep reading your post over and over and over again.
          This is hard to believe .
          Are you sure that are correct on this Pension stuff ?

          Are you saying that if one of my kids , stays home until we die— that they will inherit my wife’s OPSEW pension as long as they don’t marry ? You must be kidding me! ))))

          • Gary

            I didn’t know that a clause like that was in place. But the NDP is tight with CUPE, OPSEU, CUPW and others. I listen to lots of talk-Radio Shows on both side of the borders and Canada is pretty well the 51st State in the eye of public Unions and teachers.

            I heard a Public Union member talk to a Host about an issue for the quality of life and cost of living in Toronto. It was them that said they were lucky because of the Survivor benefits laws because when they die while retired the Pension can go to my child as long as they never married and are living in my house that in my name.

            Shebel :
            Call your HR benefits dept rep but give them a fake problem where you only have 1 child that’s living at home and we don’t know what would happen if you got sick and died just after 2 years in retirement which made them an unmarried orphan on a low income job.
            Would my Pension be handed down to them as the sole survivor under the Survivor benefits clause.

            If i’m wrong , then THEY were mislead about their Plan . I do know that if a spouse remarries and then they die …..the Survivor Benefits that had does not get handed down a 2nd time or go to step-kids.
            I guess the NDP new the public would only tolerate getting screwed a little bit. Too many men in their 70’s would marry a 30 year old women that would get the Pension for a potential 50 years where she could marry a man 30 years younger at age 60 and they get the Pension for another 25+ years.

            Union members really need to read the Benefits Plans because GM caved to the CAW where employees in Oshawa had their legal bills paid for during a divorce and a Bonus pay per month if they lived beyond about 20 klm from the Auto plant. That was why lots of auto workers bought a home just beyond that distant because not only was the house cheaper they got gas allowance even in a month were they had 2 weeks holidays.
            GM in the USA had UAW members with medical benefits for relatives outside their marriage like a Brother in law . It helped kill GM with over 1,000,000 retired persons and the biggest Medical Insurance

            I not anti-Union……but people like Sid Ryan should be jailed one day for not tell the members they are running a ponze scheme where they will not be enough taxpayers to fund the retired person from Gov jobs and the amazing Benefits.
            Justin must not know the refugees get FULL- dental coverage which means implants at $4000 each. Non-Citizens on ODSP can collect it for life while Citizens are cut off at 65 and go on CPP and OAS to live in poverty .
            That’s why immigrants get coached to not get their citizenship because some will get a corrupt Doctor to fake their Disability to get ODSP which pays twice what Welfare does and you’re not forced to look for work .
            Toronto is now a majority non-canadian background , it’s debt is racing to $6 billion .

            I feel sorry for Public sector employees because the house of cards will collapse once the Debts hit the tipping point to eat up more tax dollar to service it than what go to services.

            Because of my Native America ( North American ) background by my father , I have no ‘ Old Country’ to run back to once Liberals and islamists turn Canada in a hell-hole.
            Ontario won’t be fun when close to 2 million adults in Government jobs at all 3 level wake-up and see they were screwed and lose everything to join the rest of us that sold our cars and stop having vacations and dining out .

          • Shebel

            I remember something from more than a decade ago , when there were quite a few Auto Sector ‘lay offs’.

            For normal folk-if you were laid -off ,you had a 2 week waiting period for EI (pogie) to commence.

            If you were in the AutoSector—there was NO waiting period. You could be Laid -off on a Friday and Pogie started on Monday.

            For me , if true ,this was collusion between Gov’t and Private Business.

            When GM,Ford etc , had over production they just announced a few week lay-off. Workers were happy because it was a ‘paid vacation’ and the Company’s were happy because the taxpayer footed the BILL.

  • Shebel

    I really do wish that our Media would grow a BACKBONE .

    I do not believe for one moment that all our Media are Traitors.

  • Shebel

    If you really want to control — Justin.
    Then you predict his future before he makes a decision.
    No ?

  • Shebel

    So–Gary– Your prediction for Justin is—

  • Shebel

    You are a wealth of information –Gary.

    I thought my kids hit it lucky–when they got into Co-op Programs.

    What you are talking about is an out right SCAM.

    • Justin St.Denis

      One wishes you would sit down, gather your thoughts, then comment. In the alternative, learn to use the “EDIT” function to flesh out your comment as it develops. Serial-posting bores big time regardless of what one is saying and who one thinks one is. A suggestion and observation.