Korea and the Democrats’ Deep Psychological Fear that Trump Is Right

One of the unspoken ‘indications’ in the medical sense of the ever-metastasizing Trump Derangement Syndrome is that the sufferers have a deep conscious/unconscious fear that Trump is right. What if the man they have excoriated unremittingly as a barbarian-racist-xenophobe-homophobe -misogynist-nitwit turns out to have been on the correct side of a fair number of issues on which they have failed, sometimes miserably, for decades? Talk about personality disintegration — it would be hari-kari meets the Wicked Witch of the West. Well, emotionally anyway.

The current North Korea crisis is a perfect case in point.

  • The left would rather the country were nuked before admitting they were wrong.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      ..It’s a real sickness, one of my old friends, TV news reporter, Science, Toronto…G.R. He’s got it bad. I’d like to remind him about our lectures where we where taught how to remove as much of our own various biases (race, religious, political, etc.) when interpreting the facts and reporting on them….
      I find it curious that NOT ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL, like G.R., from my/the old media days in Toronto has gone on to create a blog…not even an unsuccessful one…Name me ONE of these giant intellects in the Ontario Journalism that has transitioned to internet fame? Z-E-R-O.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The woman in the picture looks like she suffers from the heartbreak of psoriasis.

  • The left’s, self-created safe space, is falling apart.

  • Millie_Woods

    This war talk is bullshit. Trump was elected to set the US straight, that’s all. Let the stakeholders work with the UN to sort out the Korean mess, not that they’ll do anything except appease them further. Due to war, Bush’s presidency was a lost opportunity to fix problems at home. I don’t want to see the same thing happen with Trump.

    • During his campaign, Trump made two statements that stuck with me: first, that he always asked for twice what he wanted so when he compromised he still got what he desired or more, and second, that he didn’t care about who got the credit as long as he got what he wanted.

      My opinion, fwiw, is that Trump’s saber-rattling is designed to make the leftists of the world put pressure on another country to solve the North Korean issue. Since the left believes Trump is a warmongering madman who can’t be reasoned with, they will have to rely on a powerful country with an interest in keeping the peace in North Korea… like China, which is what Trump asked for when the Norks started this kerfuffle. Is it any coincidence that we’re starting a trade war with China on Monday?

      Trump isn’t bluffing, and the other players can sense that. There won’t be war because the left are cowards, and they will do what Trump wants even as they oppose and attack him. He’s laughing at the slow-witted fools.

      • Millie_Woods

        Good observation. I want Trump to be the guy who fixes the education system, the VA, the disastrous trade agreements, the problems with immigration and the Republican Party. I want him to succeed where everyone else failed, or in some cases never even tried.

  • WalterBannon

    Korea is a side show that diverts our attention from the real problem facing the entire west.


    Korea could be solved in short order, without any military force through pressure on China who can control their client state IF they are motivated sufficiently.

    1. Currently China still needs the west economically, until their own domestic markets become wealthy enough to make us less important. We can use this financial lever to motivate China to control their problem causing client state.

    2. Even if it all hits the fan, Korea is a one horse show. Once they fire whatever missile they have built, whether it hits us or not that is it, that one shot is all they have. China will step back and let us retaliate with as much force as we want without interference or retaliation. They have already committed as much.

    Islam on the other hand is an all out total threat and not only are our eyes closed to this threat, but they are winning.

    In Europe, the demographics are such that in one more generation’s time Europe will be 50 percent Muslim. And this is all because the 10 percent of the EU that is Muslim is far out-breeding the suicidal western people who have largely given up having children. This is not some hypothetical, you only have to look at the current generation of school aged children in Europe. Their children will rule Europe by default and it will be an Islamic state.

    And all this is just with the current population of Muslims living in Europe. It does not consider even the acceleration of this population replacement that is happening with the migration (invasion)crisis. In all probability this change in Europe will happen sooner.

    These Muslims do not see themselves as Europeans, they see themselves as Muslims. The Europeans bring these Muslims in to replace the generation of children that is missing because they can not be bothered with having children, but they are fools who do not understand the nature of Islam and its followers.

    the muslims look at us and they see us as decadent, and unwilling to use our power and force abroad for our own interests, unwilling to resist Islam and its demands in our own countries, and unwilling to even have enough children to continue the next generation on. They see weakness and are playing to win. We are playing to surrender.

    With this new Islamic superstate will come an end to European civilization and culture. The islamic people of this state will have no interest in continuing the welfare state to pay for the retirement pensions of all the aging infidels. We will see civil war and genocide across Europe.

    Russia is in no better state.

    Canada is racing towards the same fate with open arms and is not so far behind as many people may think.

    Its a grim future ahead and much of it is already inevitably written. Europe is lost. How will we stand alone here in North America? And for how long?