Campus starts shovelling snowflakes off sidewalk

Marchers carrying Free Speech sign at UC Berkeley in 1964. This should provide 100% of the government recommended daily dose of irony.

From Rachelle Peterson at Campus Reform:

Claremont McKenna College has punished students who sought to prevent free speech; but what about the other schools in the Claremont Colleges?

Hold the beer though.

We should now turn our attention to the other six institutions that, along with Claremont McKenna College, make up the Claremont University Consortium: Pitzer College, Pomona College, Claremont Graduate University, Keck Graduate Institute, Harvey Mudd College, and Scripps College.

One hundred seventy students participated in the protest against Mac Donald. Claremont McKenna identified twelve of the 170 as its own students, of which it punished seven. The remainder 158 either could not be identified, or were not Claremont McKenna students.

Where did these other speech obstructors come from? According to CMC, some are students at the other Claremont consortium colleges. It claims to have sent the deans at these colleges “evidence of policy violations” by their students, and asked them “to review this evidence under their own conduct processes.” More.

Reality check: Deans? Review evidence? Haw. Haw. Haw.  Post-modernism is a war on evidence. Still, it’s important to honour those who fight back against the post-modern war on reality, however feebly, before it sinks the life of the mind. Without forgetting to drive the post-moderns from positions of power.

Malcolm Muggeridge used to say that fascism is a war on civilization and communism is a war on life. Post-modernism is a war on reality. Post-modern positions on various topics need not be in accord with logic, evidence, or even self-interest. You could say of the fascist or the communist that he is an amoral brute. But he tends to know his own interests. So his false statements can be read for their actual purpose.

Post-moderns want power for the sake of power – power that can be expressed without restraint or reserve in a world without intrinsic meaning where values change constantly and evidence is the enemy.

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