Rex Murphy: Brad Wall’s departure a rare show of sanity and humility in politics

The news that Brad Wall is leaving politics should be seen as emblematic of plain but rare sanity. Power is addictive, and few are the number who either seek or find release from its insidious charms. It ruthlessly flatters the needful egos of many who pursue it with toxic efficiency. Every victory is a telegram from Destiny, and every defeat proof that the times are out of joint. “Happy Rome, to be born under my consulship” is the favoured lullaby of every second-rater who lucked or lurked his way into high office.

  • JPfromtheeast

    Well crap… 🙁

  • DMB

    Brad Wall was the final obstacle in the Liberal Socialist globalist elite agenda in the financial destruction of Canada. Saskatchewan although in debt was at least under control and the only province in Canada that was declining. Every level of government in Canada is in debt and excluding Saskatchewan is rapidly growing primarily due to the dramatic increase in spending mostly on social services. With Wall out of the way either the NDP could take control in the next election or a fake conservative leader will replace him and follow in every other Canadian provinces footsteps and become financially irresponsible. I believe Wall knows this and is getting out rather than running for leadership of the federal Conservative party. This is all happening so Canada will become insolvent and all of its assets and resources can get bought out by people such as George Soros.

    • Waffle

      I think Wall figured that life is too short to waste it fighting alone against the tsunami. Murphy’s tribute is breathtaking. Just when I thought he couldn’t get any better, he outdoes himself with this piece. And his smackdown of those that shall not be named is pure brilliance! Bravo, Rex.

    • It was a good move, politics is an awful swamp filled with idiots like Trudeau.

      • DMB

        Good move for him. Bad for Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada.