If Trudeau wants to stop illegal migration, he should take a page from Trump’s playbook

Justin Trudeau could learn a thing or two from Donald Trump when it comes to handling the crisis of illegal immigration along our southern border.

  • Liberal Progressive

    We Liberals don’t believe anybody is “illegal” nor in borders nor that there should be citizenship in anything but The World.

    That’s what Team Trudeau tells us.

  • Dana Garcia

    Mark Krikorian thinks the Haitian influx may increase if Trump doesn’t renew their BS Temporary Protected Status.

    Plus Canada is so welcoming, unlike meanie America that voted for Trump.


  • Norman_In_New_York

    And what makes anyone think that Trudeau wants to stop illegal migration?

  • Gary

    Justin’s father sat out WW2 as a rich kid playboy so the poor would send their sons to die for his freedom. He never saw the blood being spilled in Europe to keep canada free of fascism , which was why he thought that Canada made people great and the hard working law abiding poor that made Canada great.

    That’s why daddy dearest opened the doors to Canada to rescue those in nations with poverty and oppression that could come here and suddenly be exposed to Canada that would make them great no matter their low IQ or violent culture.

    Now his idiot Son wants to rescue muslims from islamic hell-holes and the 400,000,000+ muslim women psychologically damaged by quranic misogyny that can get Disability support for life once here as unemployable.
    The pro-refugee groups love it because they are FAKE Charities getting rich per refugees and often own the rental property for refugees to get Housing allowance to by-pass the CRA Laws that forbids them from Government money.
    A Catholic charity in the High Park area had stop rescuing oppressed catholic in Central America which was their goal when they got the Charity status from the CRA. It now takes in Mexican illegals from the USA and jew-hating Muslims from the USA judging by the Palestinian flags I have see prior to the pro-hamas rally in Toronto or protests outside the US Consulate on University ave .

    Immigrants and refugees will wake-up one day and see how Liberals treated them like ignorant peons that would pretend to give the FREE stuff but now their grand children have a $1 Trillion national debt and over $500 billion in Ontario where Canada will be like the hell-hole they fled .

    • mobuyus

      Selfy selfy face’s old man was tooling around Quebec on a motorcycle wearing a German helmet during the war, while my Dad was in Europe killing men that wore those helmets.

      • Gary

        Even though Italy was on side with Hitler . I heard an MP hint at how Italians in canada during WW2 should get redre$$ for how they were treated.
        First off….. the canadian Citizen Act was created in 1947 by Paul Martin sr . Prior to that there were British Subjects , French subject , Newfoundlanders across Canada while Newfoundland was part of canada and had separate Troops sent to Europe for D-Day.

        Italians in Canada were Italians from Italy where it was supporting the Nazi’s unless they became British Subjects .
        The war was over by 1947 and they had the chance to be Canadians , if so , they did NOT suffer oppression as Canadians from 1940 to 1945 .
        Olivia Chow’s crusade for redre$$ had the same LIES that Canadians were racists even 40 years before be the 1947 Citizenship act when Canadians didn’t exist and they were British subject in canada.
        The Government did things that were bad while under British rule
        ….but Chow didn’t say a word that the UK banned Slavery in 1812
        while islam still allows it today as the NDP is now islamophilic and wants more pro-sharia muslims in canada.

        Come to canada and sue us….. Lawsuits work so you don’t have to .

        • mobuyus

          They should all be given exactly what they deserve. I would be more than glad to deliver their just deserts.

    • mauser 98

      ………record holder
      Jackass Sr. so far only asshole to paddle to Cuba

  • Why would Trudeau even think of stopping this flood of illegal immigrants?

    As long as these illegal migrants vote, it does not matter if they are criminals or, if forward-thinking, are kept illiterate and politically marginalised so that they can never socially or professionally advance, thereby rub shoulders with the Liberal party elite.

  • Sharkibark

    I think that if the current CAD government approached the US sincerely with a wish to stop illegal border crossings, the current US administration would help us with the issue. Trump wants illegals out – and most of Canadians don’t want them in. Trying to illegally cross the border between Canada and the US could be made grounds for immediate deportation in the US, and Canada could contribute to a portion of the costs. In the long run, it would be cheaper than paying welfare immigrants from the third world into the hundredth generation.

  • DMB

    Justin Trudeau unscripted is a COMPLETE and TOTAL MORON. Urr, umm, (long pause). He might as well include duh and doi. I am surprised that no one in the press gallery or his handlers didn’t speed dial G.M. Butts to tell Justin what to think and say!
    He is truly a puppet for the Liberal ruling elite that is the true power in Canada.


    • Sid Falco

      He’s reading that off the lectern, it must have paused.

  • Oracle9

    The Sun article ignores the fact that Trudeau WANTS more Liberal voters, more “multiculturalism”, more diversity.

    A toxic mix and a betrayal of everyone in this country.

    • Observer

      But more than that he wants less “old stock Canadians” which is why he is so gungho on easy access to euthanasia for those born in Canada, particularly those born before 1970.