Half As Good Isn’t Good Enough – On Harvard, blacks, and affirmative action

Liberals see the recent effort by Asian-American groups to shine a light on Harvard’s admission policies as another reactionary push to roll back affirmative action—and question the motives of the Justice Department in taking such initiatives seriously. They characterize the effort as the latest in a long line of resentful plaintiffs dating back to Allan Bakke and other whites who sought to end “reverse discrimination” at the University of California and the University of Texas dating to the 1970s. Liberals dig in against such efforts, whether on grounds that diversity is a vital good in itself—and worth compromising other principles for—or that America’s past history of legal racism means, in effect, that there can be no such thing as reverse discrimination.

Yet, an important truth goes unstated on both sides of the argument: affirmative action does no good for African-Americans themselves. If progressives and advocates for black advancement were honest, they would admit that racial preferences have been a disaster for their alleged beneficiaries.

  • WalterBannon

    lowering admission standards/gerrymandering the admission process has only lowered the value of these schools graduates because in the real world after school merit is earned by results

    it is compounded by the new curriculum full of social justice programs which has no real world value

    everyone, black or white, who actually earned their place at these schools on their own merits, and took real degree programs, should be pissed right now
    they bought an expensive degree that depreciated like a LADA the second they drove it off the campus lot

    • Gary

      The TDSB lower the standards to make Blacks look good while they never fail a student which lets Wynne boast about the grade 12 diploma rates going up.

  • Gary

    No wonder Obama is sending his Daughter to Harvard …..when your parents are low IQ radicals you just might be an Affirmative action case to pass just from the Attendance .