California: Police, Cerritos Mall enforce sharia after Muslims attack Counter Jihad Coalition

At first I thought that the two Muslims shouting at us would leave, as they have done in the past. I was wrong; it played out differently on Saturday. They were there to stay with their loud, obnoxious voices until they could get us shut down. The crowd started growing due to the commotion. Soon it numbered in the hundreds.

  • Sharkibark

    The squeaky wheel has always gotten the most grease. The Muslim’s are the squeakiest of all and the left have given them a bullhorn.

    • terrence22

      I can’t wait until the GBLT realize that they are now second class to the muslims (it may take a few being tossed off high buildings for it to sink in).

      • mauser 98

        Muslims “refugees”
        …then maybe LBGXYZ
        natives,women wayyyyy to the back of the bus

  • mauser 98