Tijuana is reaching Ciudad Juarez Levels of Murder, Forget That, Actually They Are Worse!

The old 80/20 rule is in effect for cartel hitmen too. A few sicarios do most of the killing.

With 165 murders in Tijuana and 197 murders in Baja California (BC), May was listed as the bloodiest month in the border city. Then in June, with 206 executions across the state, became the most violent state of the country. In that context, during the last six weeks, the State Secretary of Public Security, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, has repeated in speeches and interviews that the fact that until July 14 there were 1,071 executed in all of Baja California (BC) and 824 just in Tijuana, Does not mean that there are thousands of assassins? The reality is that they are a few hitman and most of them belong to three cartels.
De la Rosa has made an effort to point out that those responsible are barely a dozen of traffickers and that their hitmen are not many. He speaks about 60 hitman, but only eight account for the majority of the victims.

According to the Coordination Group, a member of the municipal order explained that the hitmen seem numerous because when arrested or killed, they are quickly replace. “For example, we are realizing that the life of a killer is not very long”, and depends on the information that they have.

He explained that the sicario – started as a thief and a drug dealer – then he was ordered a series of murders in which the sicario has no idea who the victim is, or their environment, or relationships, or role, who or what criminal group It represents; they are Only given a description and a location of the person to kill. Sometimes they even provide him with a weapon that he has to return.
“For the fourth or sixth homicide the sicario begins to realize what their boss’s intentions are with the killings and then they order his death, and they replace him,” ZETA informed.
Some of these thugs are “independent” men and women who commit homicides for the highest bidder, today for a cartel and tomorrow for their competitor. In fact, as in previous years, to date it is investigated if there is any criminal who is renting weapons for the various cartels to execute; Including weapons that have been stolen from officers of this and other states.
The Coordination Group has decided to concentrate its search of the perpetrators of the murders. The drug trafficking cell leaders of the Sinaloa cartels, Arellano Felix (CAF) and Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). Since early June, they have requested collaboration from the federal authorities, who responded negatively, despite the fact that these men are engaged in federal drug trafficking offenses, and as evidence, cargoes of kilograms, liters and / or tons of marijuana, cocaine and heroin have been confiscated.