The Snowflakes of Google

What do Google, Evergreen State College, and Middlebury have in common?

A lot, apparently.  They’re filled with “snowflakes” — those students (in Google’s case, employees) who have such a high sensitivity to — or is it inability to tolerate — diversity of thought, they dissolve like so many, well, snowflakes.  (Unlike real snowflakes, however, that are different one from the other, these snowflakes tend to be monotonously the same, spewing the same slogans and even wearing, basically, the same clothes.)

People are beginning to get fed up with this jejune politically correct censorship and, just as with the University of Missouri before it, Evergreen State is evidently having trouble getting new students to attend their famously “progressive” institution. Some would prefer to study rather than protest non-stop. Imagine.