Operation Sentinel: Is France’s fight against terrorism working?

Operation Sentinel – in place since January 2015, after the attack on satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo – involves 10,000 troops and costs €400,000 a day. But some now question whether it has succeeded in minimising terror attacks on French soil.

Six soldiers were injured on Wednesday after a suspect rammed his car into a group of soldiers, the latest in a series of attacks targeting French security services.The attack has renewed questions over the efficiency of Operation Sentinel’s anti-terror patrols, which have often become the targets of attacks themselves.

“It is essentially just posturing that has zero operational impact,” Jean-Charles Brisard of the Center for the Analysis of Terrorism told FRANCE 24. “Sentinel has never stopped, prevented or hindered any terrorist attack in France since its creation in 2015.”

Well, 8 terror attacks so far this year says it’s doing something…

  • deplorabledave

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  • Bless his heart

    10,000 troops could expel large numbers of the invaded asymmetric hijrah Islamic Army rather quickly.

    I did not say deport. They are an invaded Muslim army.

  • Millie_Woods

    The terrorists seem to like it.

  • Bless his heart

    If you French are now such big wusses, then call in the Polish and then pay them for saving your nation.

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    • A Hamilton Guy

      I don’t think French culture has much to defend anyway. Napoleon the Warmonger. Two less than admiral ventures in two World Wars, and the big snouted cross of lorrian sticking his nose in Canada’s business.

  • simus1

    Having 10k bored French soldiers in uniform wandering around is just a PR CYA move by cowardly French vote whores. If they wanted something simple and effective done about muslim killers they could give each squad a list of the five worst terrorists in a given area with instructions to give them a random thorough hiding once a week. That would also impress those who miss their homelands way of during things.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Better Idea; shoot the bastards.