It’s been clear for a while that North Korea was coming to a head

Let’s get one thing straight when it comes to the flare-up with North Korea: It has very little to do with Donald Trump. This scenario would be happening if Hillary Clinton was president or a different Republican.

It could have happened under President Barack Obama’s watch. In fact, Kim Jong-Un surely wishes it had. Not because he wanted a showdown with Obama, but because he’s always wanted the nuclear program to move along as speedily as possible. The sooner, the better.

  • ontario john

    I blame the Jews, Harper, and global warming.

  • marty_p

    MSM are continuously overlooking the elephant in the room – North Korea and Iran are partners and share nuclear and rocket technology – Iran pays the bills, and Korea provides the technology.
    It’s only a matter of time, once North Korea proves its ability to put a nuke on a missile. until the Iranians announce they have the same technology.

  • BobSykes

    North Korea is a crisis because we, ourselves, keep pushing the issue. The reality is that North Korea will not give up its nukes and missiles under any circumstances, even including all out war, a war we would lose because China would intervene massively.

    We will have to live with a nuclear North Korea just as we live with a nuclear Russia, China, India, Pakistan, France, UK and Israel.

    • shasta

      Most adults do not run and hide under the bed when a bug bothers them. They just squish it underfoot.

    • Its all in our minds, then? I don’t think so. Of the six other nuclear states you mention only one of them is not a rational actor in the commonly applied sense. Pakistan, as the only less rational one of the group has a great deal more rationality and we have more leverage on it, than North Korea. So what you have said makes about as much sense as saying that since you have five lipomas (fatty lumps) and and a non-threatening superficial skin cancer, you shouldn’t be concerned about that virulent brain tumor that just cropped up. The North Korea-Iran connection mentioned above alone is potentially threatening to world stability. You do not “learn to live with” conditions that threaten to kill you, you eventually either die from them or eliminate them. You can’t just say, “its mind over matter- if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    When the Pentagon orders the families and dependents of military personnel to leave South Korea, we will know something serious is about to happen.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Does South Korea have an Iron Dome?