Islamophobia: Turkey starts work on a huge new wall along its Iranian border to ‘halt the influx of militants’

Turkey has begun construction of a 90-mile wall along its frontier with Iran as part of moves to bolster the country’s security, it has emerged.

Pictures show huge concrete blocks being moved in to position along the border in Agri province in a bid to halt the infiltration of Kurdish militants and illegal smugglers.

The construction project will also eventually see a wall along parts of the Iraq border and comes as Turkey continues work on its 566-mile barrier along its frontier with Syria.

But I thought walls were bad?

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Don’t they understand? They should be building bridges, not walls.
    They don’t sell ladders in Iran?
    Walls don’t work!

    Why do walls only become immoral when America builds them?

    • Flame

      Or Israelis

  • Nic

    stop Turkey’s apartheid wall!!!

  • mauser 98

    forwarded to many a snowflake site

  • A Hamilton Guy

    The French had the Maginot Line: that didn’t work worth a damn either.