“Great Disaster” Looms as Technology Disrupts White Collar Workers

Looking out to sea at the huge winter waves crashing upon the Cape Town shore, it’s hard to imagine what the first local tribesman thought when he saw, in the distance, Vasco De Gama’s tiny Portuguese ship sail round the Cape of Good Hope, heading out towards the Indian Ocean in search of profit.

You wonder what went through the local’s mind? Could he have imagined the calamity that was soon to befall his people and most of the peoples of Africa?

Once the Portuguese had opened up the passage to India via the Atlantic, the old Silk Roads, the commercial superhighways of the medieval ages from China to Istanbul, were gradually downgraded in global commerce. Economically, the Earth shifted on its axis from Asia to the Atlantic. This was the great disruption.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I will love it when most CEOs and senior executives are replaced by AI. I’d rather work for a machine the one of these losers

  • canminuteman

    Gee, that’s too bad. They had no problem importing cheap labour from the third world to replace blue collar people. I guess they weren’t smart enough to know they would be next.

  • simus1

    Is this opus supposed to be satire or just seriously moronic?