Denmark: ISIS fanatics given houses & Jobs on Syria return as part of ‘hug a jihadi’ campaign

ISIS jihadis arriving back from Syria are being offered apartments, education and jobs to reintegrate the radicalised back into society.

Police in the city of Aarhus, Denmark introduced the scheme after 36 young men travelled to Syria to join jihad, with 19 returning back to the country.

But the policy has been criticised by Danish MPs, with Naser Khadeer – a Muslim member of the Conservative People’s party – calling for a hardline approach to foreign fighters.

Speaking on the Australian news programme Dateline, he said: “What I have criticised when it comes to the Aarhus model is when you have been in Syria and you come back, it is wrong in my opinion to reward whoever has been in Syria by giving them an apartment, jobs, education.

“We should prosecute them not reward them.”

You just know Justin will want to emulate this nonsense.

  • Martin B

    That’s an exceptionally good ‘toon.

  • Europe’s world class liberal fools, at work inviting in death and destruction.

  • Bla Bla

    But if you are a conservative, they want to label you a nazi and throw you in a gulag.

  • WalterBannon

    Make sure we add Denmark to the list of EU countries that we need to nuke

  • ontario john

    Thought they were talking about Canada for a second.

    • Alain

      Me too.

  • John the Mad

    “You just know Justin will want to emulate this nonsense.”

    Uh, Justin already has. Prime Minister Selfie is a renowned and charismatic world leader in the field of Islamic terrorist appeasement, having just granted convicted Muslim terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5 M tax-free of our hard earned money. Golly, it makes me proud to be a Canadian to know my country is in the advance guard of the the western world’s collapse into dhimmitude.

  • Old Guy

    Hey, let me fix that headline for you.

    Denmark Canada: ISIS Fanatics Given Houses & Jobs On Syria Return As Part Of ‘Hug A Jihadi’ Campaign

    Does anyone really think that PM Sunny Ways and his Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, are doing anything different from the Danes?

  • canminuteman

    How about have a special assasination squad hunt them down and kill them instead?

  • Editor

    Native Danes looking for appartments, jobs or education sure are a patient, tolerant bunch.