Cuba: Canadian diplomat struck by headaches and hearing loss

Reports suggest the envoys could have been targeted by a covert sonic device that causes hearing loss.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Why do we have an embassy in Cuba?

    • BStrang

      Because of Juthtin’s Dad? Just spitballin’ here…

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        You mean his real dad? The one who was the longtime dictator of Cuba.

  • BStrang

    Would it be cruel to suggest the headaches and hearing loss were caused by constant exposure to the speeches of Juthtin Trudeau? Lord knows hearing that lisping fruit makes me want to jam my head into a wood chipper. He speaks, and I swear it’s like hearing steam escape…

  • DMB

    Not to worry with Cuba’s free healthcare system I’m sure they will be taken care of! LOL

  • Alain

    Too bad it does not happen to those leftist Canadians flocking there for vacation and returning extolling Cuba’s virtues, in particular its health care.

  • simus1

    Once the present Canadian diplos are totally deaf, send more to assist them in their “work”. Repeat as necessary. Leave them all there to eternally rot or only replace with more senior diplos if absolutely necessary.

  • John Boy

    Liberals and NDP love Cuba for the inexpensive underaged prostitutes.

    • Gary

      I laughed when Sid Ryan boast about his Union fighting for rights and protecting employees for slave labour wages . The Cubans have close to 80% of their Tourism from Canada while most are Liberals and in Public Unions members that exploit the peons for a cheapo vacation and come back and denounce the Minimum wage.
      Today we see how CUPE and Liberals right here in Canada are ignoring the islamic misogyny and homophobia as they denounce islamophobia .

  • andycanuck

    American embassy staff were making the same complaints. So maybe Raul’s pissed at daddy’s little mistake?

  • Gary

    If you ever want to see how brain-dead a Liberal is or someone in the NDP…….ask them if they have ever vacationed in Cuba to prop up communism when Cuba jailed homosexuals with AIDS to rot and die .
    Watch how they excuse away their holidays there that ids helping the people because they give the big tips.

    A neigbour of mine is a teacher that goes to Cuba and told me that the quran is just the same as the Bible. I asked if they read the quran and they said yes .
    I must have missed the parts in the New Testament about killing the jews and the Global Domination as well as Jesus that raped a 9 year old little girl and married his step brothers wife .