Bismillah back at ya…

  • Frances

    I didn’t know “Bismillah” meant “up yours”.

  • bargogx1

    OMG, that’s “Islamophobic”! And racist! Somebody better arrest that guy now!

  • You know, if Islam were an unwavering force for good, or even a sincere if ultimately unsuccessful force for good, she would have some claim for sympathy. Let’s admit the guy pouring beer on his own head is an obvious loser and she has somewhat of a point about his behavior.
    We have seen it proven time after time, however, that in Islam, the more devout you are the more barbaric you tend to be, so her overweening adolescent-girl angst only stirs a sort of disgust in me. She rolls her eyes and pronounces “what angers me even more” speaking in the delicate tomes and civilized accent of the nation that her tribe wants to transform into Formerly Great Britain. She shifts her eyes side to side mewling about respect. Respect! This from an observant cultist whose sacred literature commands her to believe that we who do not believe as she does are unworthy, descended from pigs and monkeys and should submit to the will of her and her kind. SPARE ME!

    • occupant 9

      Oh, you won’t be spared, especially not you … you … you… son of Moshe!

      Isn’t it neat how Muhammadans reverse the offense they intend? She knows full well that her head covering is intended as an offensive comment towards all the other “whores” walking around without.