U.S. audit raised ‘significant questions’ about Canadian meat inspections

The U.S. Agriculture Department has found “systemic” inspection and sanitation problems during its most recent audit of Canada’s meat, poultry and egg inspection systems, issues American officials say “raise significant questions about the Canadian system.”

The most “significant” concern, U.S. auditors said, was that Canadian government plant inspectors were not checking for residual feces and digestive waste materials on each carcass in slaughterhouses prior to export.

  • ontario john

    As long as meat is halal certified, that is all that matters in Canada.

    • You bet.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I remember reading somewhere, and I had a particular interest in this since I worked in hotels and restaurants for over twenty years, (and suffered more than my share of food borne illness) that there are Canadian standards that regulate the acceptable levels of bug parts in our food.
        They actually have laboratories that will take a block of cheddar cheese, for example, and examine them to ensure they do not exceed the allowable limit.

        • Minicapt

          USDA has the same set of standards.


  • Alain

    Perhaps there is a connection to the number of Somalis working there. Just a thought.

    • Canadian Born

      I don’t think it is just a thought. Personally I think it is the truth. These Somalis are not clean people, and couldn’t give a crap about Canada’s inspection rules, as long as they get their pay check! Canada is in for a very rough ride, with all these imports Junior is bringing into this country.