The Guardian’s Propaganda Film About Dearborn

It presents itself as being a balanced documentary. In reality, it’s a shamelessly slanted piece of work that pretends to be seeking out the truth about Dearborn, Michigan, which once had the world’s largest auto plant and now has the world’s largest mosque. Only sixteen minutes long, it was commissioned by the Guardian, made by noted documentary filmmakers Katharine Round and Ben Steele, and was just posted on that newspaper’s website.

  • Waffle

    Both Farfel and I just horked up a hairball.

  • WalterBannon

    Roman Legionnaire: “Why do the jews fear us” as he burns down the temple mount

    Mongolian Horde leader Khan: “Why do the Hungarians fear us” as he drags a Hungarian peasant to his death behind his horse

    Nazi SS Stormtrooper: “Why do the Russians fear us” as he drives his tanks over some Russian peasants while burning their villiage down

    Muslim Invader in Michigan: “Why do the Infidels fear us” as they plan their next jihad attack on America and plot world domination by Islam

  • WalterBannon

    Invaders always seem to think they are hard done by.. They are just nice guys they think. Why can’t everybody see that and learn to be happy as slaves in their new order?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Anything with ‘Guardian’ is boiling pigshit by definition

  • Countermeasures_Dispenser

    I spent the whole Fall of 2002 in Dearborn at the old Rouge River Steel plant, the old Henry Ford operation. The town was just starting to turn into Dearbornistan at the time.

    You could still get some great Polish sausage and deli foods at Dearborn Sausage Co., near the plant. I’m not sure if I would want to go back there to visit now.

  • Gary

    During a Congressional hearing about radical islam the women that spoke for islam said that there are NO muslims areas in the USA .