Mexican Auto Jobs Quadrupled As Canada’s Industry Shrank: Report

A new analysis suggests Canadian negotiators may want to side with the U.S., and against Mexico, when the auto industry comes up in NAFTA negotiations in Washington, D.C. this month.

And its author, former CIBC chief economist Jeff Rubin, is arguing Canada may have no choice but to follow the U.S. and slap tariffs on Mexican auto imports, if the Trump administration chooses to do so.

The analysis, conducted for the Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), paints a good-news, bad-news picture of the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). On one hand, the deal has allowed consumers to enjoy lower prices on vehicles, and has improved carmakers’ profit margins; on the other hand, Canada’s auto industry has been losing jobs for years — principally to Mexico.

  • Canadian Born

    Junior is too mentally challenged to consider doing this. He thinks everything is sunshine and roses, because he gets to live off his inheritance. Canada is screwed!

    • The Globe and Mail did a good series on the Auto industry and free trade, the auto makers love it down there, enforceable clauses in the agreement are simply not enforced by Canada.

    • Lightstream

      You got that right Canadian Born. If Trudeau actually does something, I’ll be positively astounded.

      • Gary

        Outside of his NAFTA socks I don’t expect much from this spoiled kid that’s been 17 for almost 28 years now.

  • Jaedo Drax

    False assumption, “if only mexico wasn’t taking our jobs” is the cry of a protectionist, who doesn’t understand that it’s likely that those jobs would be moved to a location that doesn’t have:

    1) closed shops
    2) ever increasing electricity prices
    3) excessive fees/taxation
    4) unpredictable governments

    In addition, all three of the automakers still need substantial reorganization.

  • The Butterfly

    Yes, but how many gay pride parades does Canada have compared to Mexico?

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Want to hear something funny?
      You know, like a curious piece of trivia, or an amusing factoid?
      Mexico is the world’s leader in illegal mass graves!

      • canminuteman

        The culture of Aztec sacrifices to the sun god runs deep. It’s part of the diversity that makes Mexico so strong!

  • canminuteman

    And yet Mexicans will still be pouring into Canada.

    • Alain

      Few of those would be Mexicans who work in Mexico, and Mexico does not provide all kinds of freebies like Canada.

  • canminuteman

    I guess my next car will be Japanese.

    • Alain

      That has been all I have driven for several years.

      • Gary

        I gave up on the CAW in 2006 when the NDP and a CAW rep were on stage at the Pro-Hezballah rally in Windsor with a crowd dotted with Black clad Niqabs .
        islam invaded lebanon and made it a hell-hole while is why I see Canada going that way . Being of Native background I’ve see what islam does to every nation in invade or has it followers pour in as occupiers.
        Islamic org’s in Canada has aligned them self with Native protester as if they have the same oppression and causes.
        But just show me even 1 islamic nation where the aboriginals have equal rights , that’s if they did slaughter them all or force them out as we ISIS doing .

        FORD went too far in one ad to infer that you’re a homophobe if you don’t drive a FORD. I’m sick of the Rainbow flag because it now like the Nazi flag of the mid 1930’s where you suffered for NOT flying it even as a German.

      • canminuteman

        My last vehicle was a 2014 Mazda 3. It’s by far the nicest car I have ever had. Granted I have more money tied up in bicycles than most other cars I have ever owned combined, but still, it is a very nice car.

      • Bataviawillem

        Same here, Texas build Avalon.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Excellent. Keep sending all bottom dwellers north.

    • Dank Farts

      fuck off stop sending us your trash

  • Maurixio Villa-Lobos

    Were kicking your ass!

    • Alain

      I detect a typo: ‘k’ instead of “l”.

      • Maurixio Villa-Lobos

        I believe it is Mr. Turdo tossing my salad!

        • Alain

          Then please do not eat the salad.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Looks to me like hair boy isn’t getting much sleep lately, burning the midnight oil with butts and co. trying desperately how to sell the Haitian invasion as a good thing to the public.

  • Gary

    I will say this about the CAW. They have a heluva nerve to ask us to put a CAW car in our garage when their Homes all full of Appliance and Electronics made by slave labour outside of Canada and bought from under paid youths in big-box store or Home reno Centre’s.
    The other thing I noticed was the TTC employee parking area at the Subway station where almost every car is made outside of Canada.
    The CAW stayed quiet as hundreds or Appliance making jobs headed to Mexico, in fact, one Factory by the Humber river and Lakeshore is now the site of Condo’s while Quebec seems to be the Alamo for Appliance production in Canada.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Justine is too busy studying the Koran to worry about “governing” Canuckistan.