If the web’s gatekeeper doesn’t believe in its own employees’ right to free speech, how can we trust it with ours?

The silencing of legitimate opinion continues.

The latest victim of their self-styled ‘purge’ is Google engineer James Damore, the guy behind ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber,’ a paper outlining his thoughts on Diversity and Inclusion in Silicon Valley.

In his 3,300 word, ten page manifesto he highlights the reasons for the gender gap in tech, current discriminatory practises used to correct that gap and Google’s left-leaning political bias.

CNN merrily reported with its own brand of bias

  • Bla Bla

    Remember how the Soviet Union had political officers to watch over various entities? Well, we have them now…

  • Correct me if I and my dictionary are wrong, but surely ‘diversity’ implies a diverse array of opinions, skills, and attitudes, not just colours and creeds?

    I would expect any competent manager to know that men and women together on a team can work very well as long as each’s inherent strength is used to plug the other’s inherent weakness. No-one displaying Google’s breathtaking ignorance of this simple fact would get a job running my roadside lemonade stall.

    I rid myself of Google entirely (including the verb) some while ago when the smell of this particular rat became too rank to ignore (distorted results favouring Clinton was the catalyst). And yes, I did read the engineer’s report. And I think the CEO’s reasoning reads like a seven year-old’s spiteful playground whinge about not wanting to play with little Johnny. If anyone deserves the sack it is the CEO.

    I really hope the fallout from this explodes totally out of control; Google will deserve everything it gets. I am reminded somewhat of the fallout when the boss of a huge national jewellery chain in Britain patronisingly confessed on TV that his products were rubbish. Everyone immediately stopped shopping there and the whole chain went bust in a week.

    PS: I use DDG for search and Bing for maps, and the sky has not fallen in.

  • Jaedo Drax

    I believe that in the interest of Diversity, Google should immediately fire it’s current CEO and hire Marissa Mayer as the new CEO, for diversity!

  • simus1

    Rec pharma and red fascism are both poor life choices but all that cocaine has to go somewhere.