Border-crossers being misled about ‘easy’ asylum in Canada, advocates say

Community advocates say they’re concerned about misinformation spreading among the Haitian refugees flocking from the U.S. to Montreal, where many have been falsely led to believe that finding asylum will be “easy.”

Hundreds of these refugees have already taken up temporary residence in and around the city’s Olympic Stadium, while they await processing as refugee claimants from Haiti and, more recently, Donald Trump’s United States. But members of Montreal’s existing Haitian community say the new arrivals are chasing false hope fuelled by incorrect information on social media.

  • Oracle9

    It takes concerned citizens to protect this country. God knows this government will not lift a finger to do so. In fact, they’re holding the gates open to increase their voter base.

  • tom_billesley

    German, French and Italian media have set up an information site for invaders

    from that site:
    What a migrant thinks of Canada cf. Germany.

    In addition to tightening integration laws, Khaled complained about the pressures of everyday life in Germany He compared the situation here with that of refugees in Canada. “Refugees were taken to Canada by private planes, received by a special committee and transferred to furnished homes without forgetting children’s requirements. A refugee who arrives in Germany must stay in the camps for years, for example,” he said.

  • marty_p

    They should put a sign up at the border in Hemmingford that says “Attention Migrants – Montreal has enough taxi drivers”.

  • robins111

    It should be pointed out to them that if they ever leave Quebec that they’ll be immediatly be deported and sent back to Haiti.

    • Gary

      Maybe that’s the plan if some had no money to fly home from the USA.
      Almost every minority group since the late 1980’s has screwed us over to bilk welfare.

  • Editor

    They were “victims” of unscrupulous human smugglers and immigration consultants. Watch Justin give them a pass on humanitarian grounds. As to not “victimize them a second time” or some such crap.

  • Dave

    This has been going on for decades. Here is something from way back in1994 from Himy Syed, Toronto mayor candidate, activist and self proclaimed islamic banker.!topic/can.general/KfJb2lpA6Sg

    How to get into Canada

    Are you looking for the land of milk and honey, where you can have a

    much better life without even working? Then you are looking for


    Even if you are just looking for a “Western” country, or want to get

    into the United States of America, Canada is a very easy stepping

    stone to these other countries.

    Why Canada?

    Canada has the most generous of all government benefit programs as

    well as being the easiest country to get into in the whole world.



    As a refugee or “landed immigrant” in Canada you can not run for

    political office or vote in provincial election, but other than that

    you are legally entitled to more government benefits than do their own

    citizens. (It is a pretty good idea when you do get to the country to

    join one of the mainstream political parties, as it will help you in

    the future to get high paying political appointments to various

    government departments and committees.) You can get free housing,

    free health care, free day-care (for your children,) free education,

    free money, free food, and all levels of government: federal,

    provincial and municipal, will fight each other to see who will give

    you the most. In addition there are religious organization who will

    give you free help, plus many government funded multicultural (ethnic)

    groups who will do everything possible to make your life there as easy

    and prosperous as possible. Ever if you are not a citizen, the

    government will give you money to start your own multicultural

    organization to help other people going to Canada. If you do get

    government funding to set up such a group, you decide what salary to

    pay yourself, limited only by the size of the government grant…………..