Better to be hated than loved by liberals (and “helping professionals”)

From John Hawkins at Townhall:

The Left is no longer subtle about its hatred. It comes shining through like a beacon on a black night. Liberals hurl abuse at these people, attack them on social media and reward liberals who make the most vicious attacks on those groups.

Yet, over time, liberal complaints have become a badge of honor. In fact, if there aren’t liberals lobbing hate at you, you’re probably doing something wrong.

If you look at the groups liberals hate the most, you’ll usually find they’ve got their sh*t together. More.

Reality check: Being loved by progressives (liberals) and other deadly serious authoritarians means one is a failure of some sort, if only in lack of self-respect.

See also: Students think their loans are free The loans WILL be free, once Jackboot U graduates infiltrate the system and barter your right and mine to live in peace in exchange for loan forgiveness and cushy crat jobs. On the other hand, what if progressives never hold power again?