Why Does the Left Suddenly Hate Russia?

After 70 years of accommodating and appeasing Russia, Democrats suddenly foment a red scare.

No one doubts that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is no ally of the U.S. But rivalry is quite a different notion than returning to the Cold War, when enemies faced each other down with arsenals of nuclear missiles. Quite strangely, the supposedly pacifist Left now seems to welcome that dangerous polarity.

  • Gary

    Why are the god-haters on the Left suddenly in love with islam .

    • GrimmCreeper

      They love cults.

    • DMB

      Allah is not the same God that Christians and Jews worship. I would argue Allah is in fact Satan. To go against God is to go for Satan. The left and Islam are an ideal match.

  • tom_billesley

    For the same reason they loved Hitler while the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact held.
    Putin isn’t a friend of their heroes Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas

  • Alain

    During the Soviet Union, which was actually red or communist, the same bunch could find no wrong. Now that Russia has rejected communism as the failed ideology it is, they want to invent a “red scare”. They are doing everything possible to provoke Russia and increase hostilities where there should be none, and this includes military exercises and sabre rattling on the Russian border, accusing Russia of causing the election of Trump, sanctions and the list goes on. Russia would be a much better ally than most of the existing lot when it comes to shared interests and values: defending Christian civilisation against Muslim invaders and attacks from cultural marxism, but instead the Democrats and RINOs push their own agenda.

  • canminuteman

    Because it’s a convenient way to bash Trump?

    • Alain

      True, and to keep the public distracted from what the traitors have been and are up to.

  • DMB

    Before the Gulf War I and II it was constantly all over the media that Iraq was the biggest threat to global security the world was facing at that time. We keep hearing from the media about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction which they had none. We heard that Saddam Hussein army was going into maternity wards and taking premature babies out of incubators and leaving them to die from who we later found out was the Kuwait’s ambassador to the U.S. daughter making it all up. We were told that Iraq was behind 9/11 attacks in New York which was not true. All of this had lead to War with Iraq eventually destabilizing the whole region and making Iraq a much worse place then ever before. What we are seeing now reminds me a lot of the false demonization of Iraq and if this continues this will inevitably will lead to war with Russia thanks mostly to irresponsible politicians trying to benefit politically from a false crisis and the media with their vendetta against Trump.

  • J. C.

    The Left loved Russia when it was a godless, commie-infested sh*thole because they themselves are godless, commie sh*tbags. Now that Russia is no longer communist and rediscovering their Christian Orthodox traditions, the Left feel like they’ve been betrayed by their fellow comrades.