US ‘considering airstrikes against Isil in the Philippines’

Muslims desecrate a church in the Philippines city of Marawi.

The Pentagon is reportedly mulling plans to conduct airstrikes against Isil terrorist targets in the Philippines.

A recent surge of terrorist networks affiliated to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil), including an ongoing assault on the southern city of Marawi, has caused alarm in the Philippines and neighbouring countries that Islamic State could establish a regional southeast Asian hub even as it declines in the Middle East.

The authority to strike Isil targets as part of a strategy of collective defence could become part of a military operation that may be named as early as Tuesday, two defence officials told NBC News.

It’s World War Islam

  • Blacksmith

    Pisslam has been at war with the rest of civilization for centuries, isn’t it time we recognized it?

    • Bingo.

      Islamic theology is the root problem.

      Either force significant change on Islamic theology or continue to watch the spread of Islam.

      • Blacksmith

        And according to pisslam it is forbidden to change anything mo ham head said, so what option does that leave us?

  • Gary

    But the muslims in Canada tell us how the quran exalt Jesus as on of allah’s Prophets.
    Don’t tell me that the 0.002% of the muslims inside canada have it all wrong and the 99.998% outside Canada are the true muslims.
    So much for Justin wanting to side with the majority and Science when he deals with Global Warming …..but when it’s islam he listens to less that 1% of the 0.002% of the World’s muslims in Canada for his perception of islam.

  • The Butterfly

    I blame the creation of Israel.

  • You mean … burn the jungle?

  • canminuteman

    The Filipino armed forces should be able to handle this. If they can’t I would give them all the support in terms of logistics and intelligence, but we have to leave the fighting up to them.