Through this beige office runs the Kremlin cash that funds U.S. anti-fracking activists, Republicans say

WASHINGTON – A couple of influential Republicans from Texas see a long trail of Kremlin money leading to a beige office building on a palm-lined street in Bermuda – and it has nothing to do with the investigations of Russian election meddling.

The cash, tagged to an offshore shell company housed in a law office inside, was not intended for the 2016 presidential election. Rather, they believe, it was part of a “covert anti-fracking campaign” to foster global dependence on Russian gas.

  • UCSPanther

    This is more plausible than Russia interfering with US elections…

  • Alain

    When it comes to fracking in Europe I would not be surprised that would be the case, but North American would not be importing natural gas from Russia regardless. It would not make economic sense. What is certain when it comes to Canada is that it the radical Americans funding these anti-natural resources movements, not the Russians. It is not surprising when we, and other countries affected, refuse to shut down the foreign money pipelines to these radical fringe groups. As if that was not bad enough, we allow them to provide input to environmental hearings.

  • BillyHW
    • Alain

      Might have know this pope would be in on this too.