Security fears as prominent ex-Muslims including ‘fatwa’ author Salman Rushdie headline global atheist convention in Melbourne

British author and Islam critic Salman Rushdie will have Australian Federal Police protection when he addresses a global atheist convention in Melbourne.

The Indian-born writer, who Islamist extremists have wanted to kill since 1989, has agreed to be the headline act for the Global Atheist Convention after fellow Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali pulled out for personal reasons.

Atheist Foundation of Australia president Kylie Sturgess said the Australian Federal Police were helping with security arrangements for the February 2018 event.

  • Gary

    There is now a pattern where some events get cancelled because of the fear that muslims will target it for jihad attacks.
    But the leaders keep saying that islam is a religion of peace .

    It can’t be both ways where the Police fear jihad terrorism by muslims while islam=Peace .

  • ontario john

    It could never be held in Sunny Ways Ontario. It would be considered hate speech. The Toronto Star made it quite clear in a story today, that free speech has its limits when it comes to saying anything negative about Islam.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      What else would you expect from the star.

  • UCSPanther

    Some say that the real reason why Salman Rushdie was targeted by the Ayatollahs, was that one character in his works was heavily inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini…

    That dull tyrant did not have a sense of humor, considering his quote on how serious Islam is…

    • A Hamilton Guy

      If he was refering to that evil sob: Good on ‘im.