School: AP and Honors classes will be decided by skin color, not intelligence

A Virginia high sent a disturbing letter to parents and students announcing they would be selecting students for Advanced Placement and honors classes at least partly based on skin color, a concerned parent told Fox News.

Martin Luther King, Jr. must be turning over in his grave.

  • Alain

    Hell why not? When people are being hired based on their skin colour, their sex or even their sexual presences, and whatever else instead of on being qualifed and able to do the job, as Hilderbeast said “What difference does it make?”. The sooner normal parents understand that the worst thing for their children is the public school system, the better.

  • Gary

    It worked for Obama .
    The media is so complicit in Obama’s fraud that not one of them care over how he went through 45 years of his life where not one person has come forward to claim they went to school with him and live in his neighbourhood in Hawaii .
    Where’s a student from his classes in College or High School?????

    Obama just bought his 4 mansion at $8.2 million plus he just got a $70+ million book deal while he now chums around with WHITE billionaires , the same WHITE billionaires he once attacked for not paying their fair share of taxes and the same Billionaires that Burnie Sanders attacked.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Martin Luther King, Jr. isn’t turning in his grave; he was a big fan of affirmative action and racial set-asides.
    The entire civil rights movement was a fraud, perhaps even more so than the women’s liberation movement was.
    It was all crap, based on an inaccurate and distorted premise.

    • Alain

      They were both frauds and pushed by communist infiltrators just as the “peace movement”. I recall how the Soviet Union just to carry on about how racist the Americans were, meanwhile black foreign students in the Soviet Union were treated like crap. To be fair those black African students brought it on themselves with their behaviour, but the same could be said about the Americans at the time. The typical Soviet propaganda included that the West was racist without cause, exploited women and of course all workers were exploited.

  • Well, as long as one is not worried about effort or anything.

    • Gary

      This seems like the fraud by the City to rename the violent Black areas of Toronto because Black kids had trouble getting jobs from their address or the name of their School which was in the high crime Black welfare housing.
      Nothing changed because the problem was the women spreading their legs for any moron or pigs that drag home to create fatherless home where the children aren’t much smarter that the low IQ mother.

      Now that Toronto is a majority non-white City as if 2015……. the Kenyan refugee in the BLM TO terrorist group can’t keep banging her drum about racism because Blacks self-segregate from their hatred for the “others” that aren’t white.
      Census canada shows how Blacks are only about 8% of the non-whites in Toronto and yet , other than the Muslims that bitch no matter what , can they be this stupid to not see how the 92% aren’t taking to the street and demanding FREE stuff with NO work expected.
      The 1992 Yonge Street riot was black youth from the caribbean community with the single mom on welfare spreading their legs for pigs.

      Sometimes a person doesn’t like you or a women won’t date you because you’re an A-hole and knuckle dragging moron.
      Look at that Vietnamese women that got hired at the TDSB as part of the Diversity quotas. She got caught skimming off close to $100,000.00 to wire back to her Homeland for a Children schools because is was good for the kids to get a school.
      She wasn’t fired and doesn’t seem to be going to jail for the theft of tax dollars.
      Another Diversity job for an Immigrant had the person up to her neck in corruption at the TCHC but when she was removed she was parachuted into a nice salary at GOODWILL which went bankrupt and has her up to her neck again in corruption to funnel money to friends.

      The Toronto Police lowered the standards and now THEY have a very serious corruption issue on top of the Mini-cops ( squirts) that are trigger happy . The they have the crisis level for female Cops on LTD with PTSD from the Liberal LIES that being a Cop was fun and it was sexism that kept them out .
      Looks like Buffy and Cricket weren’t told about Child-abuse cases or suicides by shotguns. Progressives like Pam McConnel are now dead and won;t see the damage they done and financial costs to taxpayer that was pay for another female cop to replace the one on LTD and then this one goes on LTD. They (TPSB) won’t reach the 50% target unless it’s all butch lesbians but the Muslim cops will refuse to work next to any Lesbian.
      The RCMP is now an employment equity project and will be mainly for Tourism Posters while any selfies on Parliament Hill will need them to stand on a box so the photo isn’t just a Stetson hat with a free-Palestine button and the No One Is illegal head band .

  • bargogx1

    Only one word for this – racism. But of course it’s “good” racism, so it’s ok. The statements from the schoolboard spokespersons are priceless, it’s like they’re saying “we’re doing it, but we’re not really doing it”.

  • 9eyedeel

    they must pretend that black people aren’t stupid….RIGHT UP UNTIL the moment that through gene editing the stupidity of black people suddenly appears amenable to treatment…and then at that point of course the stupidity of black people will be a crisis which requires expensive medical treatment, immediately

  • ed

    you can`t polish a turd !!!!!! no matter how hard you try !

  • Hard Little Machine

    I like it. Because even if college works the same way and dummies get all the slots for free that’s still less competition for the rest of us in the real world. And even that, if employers go full dummy and only employ other dummies by race at some point someone somewhere will find a niche to compete and thrive in.

  • Bless his heart

    “Affirmative Action” is genocide.