Resigning too soon? Mike Adams considers academic freedom battle won, resigns from UNC Wilmington

Too soon. From Mike Adams at Townhall:

In a nutshell, as of last week, I have now accomplished the five main objectives I have set out to accomplish since the administration started to aggressively fight against the free speech and due process rights of professors and students in the UNC system. Having accomplished all of those goals, I have decided that it is time to start enjoying life instead of fighting against my employers in federal courtrooms and state legislative halls. For those unaware of the struggles that have consumed my time in recent years, here are some of the highlights:

August 2017. Finally, as of last week, North Carolina became the first state to pass a model free speech reform bill advanced by the Goldwater Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to effectively doing away with all campus speech codes and speech zones, it forces universities to educate students about the new pro free speech policies during freshman orientation, which was previously a place where students were introduced to anti-free speech concepts like “micro-aggression.” The best part of the bill is that it cracks down on students who attempt to disrupt the free speech rights of others. For example, the campus lunatics who tried to shut down a pro-life display on my campus by surrounding the pro-lifers with a “human chain” so they could not speak to or share literature with passers by are now much more likely to face expulsion. We had to fight very hard to get this bill passed in light of public resistance by leftist anti-free speech newspapers like The Charlotte Observer – and relentless lobbying by UNC President Margaret Spellings. We will know it was worth the effort once we start to see heads exploding during the first freshman orientation. More.

Reality check: The progressives are heavily entrenched and often make a living depriving others of free expression. They will come roaring back the moment the pitched battle ceases. The value of any law giving rights to others can be gutted by their endless machinations unless it is constantly and fiercely defended.

Progressivism usually ends in mass murder, historically: Most societies reach an equilibrium because they seek accommodation with human nature. Progressivism seeks to transform human nature and thus becomes progressively more violent as its failures mount.

For example, after progressives have enforced gender-free pronouns, for example, they will surely turn on gendered nouns like brother, sister, aunt, uncle.

Penalties for thinking, speaking, or living in a normal way will become more severe. And the brainwashing that we are forced to pay for will become ever more intense.

And the usual righteous ninnies will be defending things they do not have the character or brains to despise.

Surrendering will change nothing. Alas, people think we can meet progressives halfway, but we cannot. There is no point at which the progressive can stop because his war is with reality.

See also: Investigation demanded against Evergreen biology prof Reality check: It’s hard for science types to fully convert to post-modernism because putting their brains in a blender and turning it on high seems scary at first. Weinstein wasn’t able to manage it.

  • David Murrell

    Partly off topic, but I might as well tell you of an unsettling experience that happened to me two weeks ago. I made a fairly innocuous comment on the Globe and Mail web site, an anti-Trudeau comment, that said something to the effect that “Trudeau likes Muslims, but, as a nominal Catholic, he is somewhat anti-Christian”.

    So a week ago I received a copy of an email, sent to the university president and my dean and chair, claiming my comment was “racist, anti-Islam and bigoted”, such that I was a threat to impressionable young minds studying at my university. Mind you, this was after Parliament passed a pro-Muslim anti-blasphemy law, and that Trudeau has made anti-Christian statements. So what I posted is empirically true.

    So as of now nothing has been done, since the email (an anonymous email) is a bit wacky. I think I was able to trace the letter-of-complaint to a left-wing political science prof in Britain. It was a long diatribe against me — but the point I am trying to make is that left wingers try to pick people off one by one. Conservatives are not organized, so this fascistic strategy is effective.

  • Bla Bla


    Marxists, at war with reality since 1917.

  • simus1

    Laws passed by lawmakers are essentially meaningless until they are “translated” into regulations by bureaucrats and if they have not been given priority and money they move forward at a snail’s pace, if at all. Victories are not victories if no one continues to pay attention and keep score.

  • CodexCoder

    From the letter in question penned by Mike Adams, I turn your eyes to the last couple of lines and I quote:

    “As for my letter of resignation, I will decide on my ride home to North
    Carolina exactly when it will take effect. I promise it will be no
    later than August 1, 2050.”

    That is not a resignation, but a means to an end.

    • Minicapt

      Progress report, with more to come.


    • It will take at least that long. Every school year, progressives can fascize more students.