NYT’s ‘Leaked’ Bombshell Climate Report Was Actually Public For Months

A draft government climate assessment The New York Times “obtained” and claims is not yet public has actually been available online since January, according to scientists who worked on the report.

TheNYT reportedly obtained a draft copy of the upcoming National Climate Assessment (NCA), quoting unnamed scientists who feared “the Trump administration could change or suppress the report.” TheNYT also reported that global warming skeptics were “equally worried that the draft report, as well as the larger NCA, will be publicly released.”

  • terrence22

    This really par for the course of the New York Slimes. I am sure it will really HELP their ever declining reader and viewership – so there is some good in it.

  • ontario john

    And Al Gore’s latest global warming scam movie, opened up at number 15 at the box office. Which puts it just below the announcement to turn off your cell phones.

    • PaulW

      Progressives are blaming the studios for not promoting it with the same vigor that they promoted Michael Moore’s successful Fahrenheit 9/11. No doubt a factor but even many leftists are tired of Al Gore and want him to just retire with his millions and be quiet.

  • David Murrell

    Fake news from the corrupt NYT.