Liberals don’t care about small business

Callous faced bitch.

It is shocking to see the callous and disingenuous nature of the Ontario Liberal government’s attitude towards small business.

It’s callous due to the Liberals’ disregard for the impact their policies will have on business and the way they ignore experts — business owners themselves — when they tell us the only impact of their higher labour costs and other changes will be a better economy.

Yes but Wynne is a Symbolic Lesbian! And besides she always gives the public service unions what they want.

  • ontario john

    I don’t understand, the Toronto Star says the lesbian bitch is doing a great job. You will probably be charged with a hate crime.

    • The Butterfly

      He tries to cover up his bigoted bile with pictures of furry kittens!

  • Waffle

    I’m a thousand miles from nowhere . . . facts don’t matter to me . . .la, la,la

  • DMB

    Wyyne wants small businesses subservient and dependent on the public sector to survive. That is her goal. This way the public sector increases and she can further solidify her political base.