How Europe is Being Destroyed From Within

One of the most assiduously cultivated myths of modern times is that antisemitism is a pathology of the political right. The truth is that today, while antisemitism certainly persists in right-wing circles, the main driver of contemporary Jew-hatred – centred upon the demonised figure of the collective Jew in the state of Israel – is the left, acting in concert with the Muslim and Arab world.

A TV documentary commissioned by the Franco-German culture channel ARTE, with the support of one of Europe’s biggest medias companies, the Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) chronicles the acceptance of antisemitism by the mainstream mass media, politicians, left wingers, Muslim “Palestine” activists, rappers and church organisations. Now the Gatestone Institute reports that the German and French TV networks have tried to bury it and subjected its creators to a smear and hate campaign.

It appears that the film-makers’ principal crime was to expose the fundamental role played by EU-funded NGOs in inciting anti-Israel agitation. 

  • Alain

    From my own long time personal observation what I noticed among the “Right” was not what I consider true anti-Semitism. Yes, it was discrimination in that many of their private clubs did not allow Jews, but Jews were not the only excluded group. Intermarriage was unacceptable, but again religious Jews felt the same about intermarriage. There was not the demonisation of Jews that one has always found with the “Left” and Islam. For a rather short period following the Holocaust, the “Left” kept their anti-Semitism under wraps, as it was not acceptable in the general public. Once the mass Muslim invasion started bring with it Islam’s inherent anti-Semitism, the “Left” felt emboldened to let it all hang out as they used to say.

    As a final note since I have always strongly believed in the freedom of association, I do not support the state forcing any private club or group to accept members they don’t want. Most of us need what is now called a safe place where we can meet and socialise with our own, or those who share our values and beliefs. The public square however is a different matter.

    • The government is the worst instigator of all.

      • Alain


      • Norman_In_New_York

        The EU is the worst instigator. That is why Netanyahu’s diplomatic strategy is to concentrate on bilateral relations with the members as a way of splitting the organization.

  • John Boy

    Maybe Israel should get the last laugh by deporting all their Arab Muslim radicals to Europe?

  • vwVwwVwv

    Antisemitism ( the term ) is invented by leftists, Ludwig Marr was one of them.
    The term was invented (not used today this way, but it shows where it originated),
    to distinguish between the old religion based hate for Jews, antijudaism
    from the leftist “science based” Raceist antisemitism.

    It is a Leftist thing. Antisemites don’t care if a Jew converts while if
    a Jew converts to Islam Muslims see him as one of them.

  • simus1

    To be even more precise and accurate:

    “leftist foundations funded and government funded” NGOs.

  • favill

    You let the socialists and communists live instead of torturing and executing them. How did that work out for you?