Disney cartoon features lesbian ‘moms,’ promotes gay ‘marriage’ to preschoolers

Hey Kids! Be Like Wynne!

August 8, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – An August 5 episode of the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins, which is aimed at preschoolers, featured two lesbian “moms” as the heads of a family.

The show is about an aspiring doctor who “fixes” toys with help from friends.

  • Gary

    Wow. How things have changed because in 1977 it was very hot that day I went to Disney World and I had to unbutton most of my shirt as I walked around .
    One employee in those Riding habits and a crop came up to me as said that i had to do up my shirt.
    Disney World wants to project a wholesome image to the children …oh well , Disney now hire pro-sharia muslims with hijabs that hate jews and agreed with the Orlando jihad slaughter at that gay bar.

    The FLORIDA chapter of CAIR asks muslims to not help the FBI unless they are looking into a fake hate-crime against a muslim.