CSIS & the RCMP have long called for more funds to fight terror… But the Liberals prefer to give it to foreigners

PM Useful Idiot was too busy mincing about to comment.

Canada plans to spend nearly $13 million on anti-crime and counter-terror programs as well as nearly $7 million on humanitarian assistance in Southeast Asia, according to Global Affairs Canada.

Meanwhile in Canada… Federal security agencies in Canada say they are being run off their feet trying to keep up with jihadis. But experts say these agencies are going to have to make do with what funding they have, for the foreseeable future.

God forbid Justin should upset his “Religion of Peace” voter block

  • ontario john

    The media is reporting that feminist Trudeau has cut funding for airport security by millions of dollars, and is going to make further cuts. The airline industry is having to come up with security money itself. Meanwhile Trudeau is spending millions of dollars on abortions for African women.

    • Well he has his priorities ya know.

    • WalterBannon

      Oh no! I guess that means a few muslim airport security guys will have to be laid off. I feel less safe already….

      • A Hamilton Guy

        That’s okay; one of the days some dumb fuck muzzie will decide he is horny and needs to get to paradise quick;he’ll blow something up ,and every white christian male will be blamed for his alienation, or the bomb job.

    • Mike

      Isn’t that racist? I mean, who the hell are we to decide that Africans should be aborted?

      PC/SJW crowd, please harp on this one, for a change! You’d actually find common ground with Evangelicals, for a tiny bit of time…

  • WalterBannon


    The RCMP? The same guys who want mounties in burkas? The same guys who break into homes to steal legally owned guns? Those clowns?

    More money for them is like more for the CBC, why not pour it directly down the toilet?

  • Mike

    That actually makes him a f’tard, because we’re one major terrorist attack away from the Lieberals being finished as a political force, is my guess.